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Essay Instructions: i need to create a peronal career plan, i have attached the requirment, and i will also attach what i have done so far which will help you to know more about me and to know what is my career path, please write as much as you can in every single heading. if you need any clarifications please contact me on 00977

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Essay Instructions: I writer: infoceo Career Plan Reflection Paper

Write a reflection paper of approximately 350 words based on the Career Plan Building Activities completed throughout this course. In the paper, consider this:

How does this course apply to your career plan?

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Title: 5 year plan

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Essay Instructions: 1. 5 Year Career Plan
Using the, Internet, and/or additional resources, prepare a 1200-word paper in which you create your own five-year career development plan. Your plan should include the following:
a. Career goals and objectives
b. Possible promotional opportunities for career growth
c. Methods for career management
d. An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education
e. Job satisfaction attributes
f. Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives
g. Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals
h. Analyze the affect of career training programs
Be sure to properly cite your sources.

Career plan will be own a sport bar, and staying in sales

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Essay Instructions: 1. What strategies have been used to promote collaboration at your workplace or a company with which you are familiar? Have these strategies been successful or unsuccessful? Explain. Would you recommend implementing other strategies to promote collaboration? If so, what would those be?

How can organizational restructuring enable specific types of businesses to attain competitive advantage in a changing market? Provide specific examples.

Certain organizations lend themselves naturally to one type of organizational structure or another. What type of structure do you think fits best with your business or a business with which you are familiar? Why is this the case?

If a conflict arose in one of the teams in which you participate in class, at work, at home, or in another activity, what would you do to help resolve the situation? Would your answer differ depending on the participants involved and how long you had been part of the team? Why or why not?

2.Navigate to the My Career Plan in Phoenix Career Services through the link on the student website.

Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude. This activity will generate your full Career Plan, which you will analyze in Week Four.

Write a paper of no more than 350 words discussing the results of your Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude.

? What do your results tell you about your individual thinking style or your thought process range?
? How does knowing this information and your Competencies and Work culture Preferences help you to understand how work is done in teams?
? What adjustments can you make to your own teamwork style based on your Career Plan Building Activities?

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