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Instructions for Career Assessment College Essay Examples

Title: answer the folowing questions after reading the PDF that will be sent

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Essay Instructions: answer the folowing questions after reading the PDF that will be sent

1.What is the purpose of career assessments?
2.List at least 3 types of career assessments and describe if they assess values, interests or maturity.
3.How might career assessments be useful tools for counselors?
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Title: Transferability of Skills Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Transferability of Skills Analysis

Write a short paper that gives your recommendation for specific career assessment for a career counseling center.

She gave the example of college students can take exams that tell them what they should be in life. What exam would you use on a college student that doesn't know what they might be good at etc?

Give three examples of STATE used test that test personality, aplitude, values, likes, dislikes, etc that you would use on a person walking in off the street to access what they might be good at.

a. three different types of state used tests and explanation of what each tests measures/shows
b. Why you would recommend each type of test
c. three books/internet sources/or magazines that you used.

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Title: Mental Health Counselor: prospects!

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Essay Instructions: This is a career identy fictiuous 4 page APA STYLE paper. it should be from a Mental helath Counslor furture prospective. ( It is important that the paper has each outline within it.) I will up load papers to help with the Inventory section.

a.Professional History with Integration of Class Activities. In the paper, which will be approximately 8 ? 12 pages in length, you will reflect on the internal factors within you that contribute to your current career identity. Throughout this course you will be asked to complete a series of formal and informal activities similar to those that career counselors use with clients. These could include client-counselor role-plays, informal assessments, reflection exercises, etc. These are tools to help assess some of the information you could include in this paper: where your professional values derived from, if they were part of your upbringing or an integral part of your personality; chronicling how you developed your talents and interests as well as the skills that got you where you are today; who were your role models? What experiences made an impact on your professional life? Discuss how the tools used in class contributed to the confirmation of your career identity and what you learned about yourself. You can also offer critique about the class exercises - which helped most or least with identifying and solidifying professional make-up and/or with helping you target your professional goals. It is recommended that you designate a place in your notes or keep a journal to record results or personal reflections about these exercises. By staying on top of this, your final paper will be much easier to write.

b.Incorporating Results of career assessments. One important requirement for this assignment is to thoughtfully integrate the results of your Interest inventory. It is not necessary to fully flush out the raw results. Instead try to thoughtfully integrate the results based on the process you took to confirm your type. Use accurate terms and definitions while interpreting the findings of the tool and results of the reports. Also, use appropriate theoretical principles behind what these tools are measuring.

c.Cultural Limitations or External Factors: You are asked to touch on cultural limitations or external factors that might impede your progress toward reaching career goals and/or with your ability as a counseling professional to help others reach theirs.

d.Career Theory. Another required element is to discuss the career development theory (or theories) that best reflect the development of your career identity. These do not have to be theories outlined in class. If you think a different theory is more appropriate, you are welcome to incorporate it instead.

e.Additional Resources ? Discuss additional ways you can find out more about occupations of interest as it specifically relates to your own career identity. Discuss what information you used to both confirm feasible choices and rule out those that are not of interest. If you?re still not quite sure the specific path of your career, discuss where you can go to get additional information to make better decisions. Perhaps these are conferences, professional groups, books, websites, etc.

Strategic Career Development Plan
f.Now that you?ve fully assessed your career identity, discuss how this information will apply to your job search. Think about how the information you?ve acquired in this entire process applies to your job search overall. How will you approach the process of drafting your resumes/CVs, preparing for job interviews, the strategies you will use to generate networking connections and job leads, target audiences you will reach out to, elevator pitches, etc.

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Title: Career developmental needs of Native Americans

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Essay Instructions: This 11 page paper is to research the career developmental needs of Native Americans residing primarily in urban areas/reservations. More specifically, Native Americans primarily in the Southwest United States (i.e. Arizona). At least one research article must be obtained from each of the following sources: The Career Development Quarterly, Journal of Career Assessment, Journal of Counseling & Development, Journal of Counseling Psychology. The remaining three articles (for a minumun of eight citations)are left up to the author's discretion but would prefer they be obtained from a journal focused on Native American cultural concerns in career development. Hence, the topic of this paper.

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