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Title: Career Information

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Essay Instructions: Career Information - Resources Report

You are required to prepare a three content pages report that analyzes three (3) sources of occupational information. Search for sources of Occupational Information, not sources of job leads. One source should be text-based; another should be an online source; and the third can be of your choosing.

Information and Resources may be taken from:
•Education, training, and employment trends; labor market information and resources that provide information about job tasks, functions and salaries, requirements and future outlooks related to broad occupational fields and individual occupations.

•Resources and skills that clients utilize in life-work planning and management.

•Community / professional resources available to assist clients in career planning, including job search.

•Changing roles of women and men and the implications that this has for education, family, and leisure.

•Methods of good use of computer-based career information delivery systems (CIDS) and computer-assisted career guidance systems (CACGS) to assist with career planning.

Your report should succinctly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each source. Compare and contrast the three sources. In addition, provide recommendations (pros or cons) about the value of the sources to other potential users.

Below are examples of some computer based information delivery systems.

CACGSComputer assisted career guidance system

CIDSCareer information delivery system


DOTDictionary of occupational Titles

OOH Occupational Outlook Hand book 2008 -2009 edition

Career and occupational dictionary 2004 ( or
Excerpt From Essay:

Career One Stop. (2014). Home: America's Career InfoNet. Retrieved from

O*NET. (2014). O*NET Resource Center. O*NET. Retrieved from

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Title: CAREER OPPORTUNITIES RESEARCH AND REPORT 1 Describes fundamental advanced concepts processes child family development 2 Summarizes key contemporary issues facing children families contemporary society After researching child family development related careers write succinct paragraphs summarizing job responsibilities career outlook

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1.Describes fundamental and advanced concepts concerning the processes of child and family development.

2.Summarizes key contemporary issues facing children and families in contemporary society
After researching the child and family development related careers below write two thorough and succinct paragraphs summarizing the job responsibilities and career outlook for each. For this assignment, the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( and the organizational websites above may prove helpful resources.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)
National Council of Family Relations (NCFR)
National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) www.dars.state.tx.usus/ecis
Child Life Council,

Once the 12 sets of paragraphs are complete, compile them into a single APA formatted paper using the career titles as in-text headings.
End the paper with a two to three paragraphs on which of the careers is most appealing and which is least appealing to you and explain why.

? Child Life Specialist
? Early Childhood Intervention
? Adult Protective Services
? Court Appointed Special Service
? Head Start Administrator/Teacher
? Forensic Interviewer
? Children's Protective Services
? Pregnancy Centers
? Adoption Agencies
? Foster Care
? Women's Shelters
? Children's Camps
Excerpt From Essay:

BLS. (2013, August 21). Psychologists: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau

of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved August 21, 2013,

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Title: Career Investigation

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Essay Instructions: Career Investigation

Begin by researching 3 health careers you may be interested in pursuing by utilizing the criteria in Module 1 examples: Anesthesiologist Assistant, Neurophysiology, Polysom technology, Cytopathology, Electoneurodiagnostics, etc.
Begin writing a paper that includes the pros and cons, educational requirements, certifications/registries, employment outlook & compensations, professional societies, etc. for a minimum of three health professions you are considering.
Include your references and universal resource locator (URL) (internet web address) in your paper. Submit your paper to your student folder do not request grading at this time. You will be adding two more careers to this research assignment.

Complete the assignments at the end of Module 2
Via the internet locate a professional organization/association for each cluster and be able to discuss standards for a minimum of two careers within each cluster.
Professional organizations are made up of members of a specific profession, e.g., National League of Nursing, American Society of Radiologic Technologist
Include these URLs in your career investigation paper.
Investigate two additional careers you might not have been aware of and wish to learn more about.
Add them to your list and include the pros and cons for each career under consideration
Create a priority list. What is your first choice? What are you least likely to pursue?
Include your plans for pursuing this choice.
How, where, when, and is the program you are considering accredited?

Only those assignments which include a total of 5 health careers and include all the above will be eligible for full credit.

Excerpt From Essay:


Dietician nutritionists fill an increasingly important role as providers of nutrition information for patients with general knowledge and specialty knowledge. They can act as institutional supervisors or take direct referrals from doctors in many areas. They have limited diagnostic rights, but utilize doctor diagnostic test frequently. The field is expanding exponentially as more and more people become aware of the need to manage eating for holistic health and as more doctors become aware of the need to balance eating. The obesity epidemic in America also expands the need. Education requires a bachelor's degree and successful completion of a Registered Dietitian Exam. Starting salary is between $31, 070 and $41,500, depending on region. (Akron Regional Hospital Association Guide to Health Care Career Guide ( Michigan also requires a separate licensure process. (Michigan Department of Community Health Web site: (,1607,7-132-27417_27529-,00.html)

I am definitely leaning toward either nursing or Ultrasound Tech as advancement seems available in both areas and my interests lie in non-invasive work.

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Title: Career Application Communications Software Research online find industry specific software communications product a career Sales Discuss The softwares features work The communications networking device software a DSL modem wireless modem Be include a screen capture a graphic image headings references citation

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Essay Instructions: Career Application and Communications Software

Research online to find an industry-specific software and communications product that might be useful in a career such as Sales...

? The software?s features and how you would use it in your work.
? The communications and networking device or software you will use (such as a DSL modem or wireless modem)

Be sure to include a screen capture, a graphic image, sub-headings, references and in-citation.
Excerpt From Essay:

Beasty, C. (2007, Mobile CRM. Customer Relationship Management, 11, 38-41.

Croteau, A., & Li, P. (2003). Critical success factors of CRM technological initiatives. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 20(1), 21-34.

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