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Essay Instructions: Career Development Program for a high school (senior students-ages 16 -17)

1) 100 words to introduce lower to middle class senior high school setting.

2) 400 words required to explain the theoretical model in which program is based upon along with rationale. I personally like John L. Holland's personality-type theory.

3)800 words required to explain how career education, guidance & counselling (including leisure) fit in. Outline their contribution to the program.

4)400 words detailing how the program will be evaluated.

#Please include ideas from the Australian Blueprint for Career Development

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Title: Career Information

Total Pages: 3 Words: 962 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Career Information - Resources Report

You are required to prepare a three content pages report that analyzes three (3) sources of occupational information. Search for sources of Occupational Information, not sources of job leads. One source should be text-based; another should be an online source; and the third can be of your choosing.

Information and Resources may be taken from:
•Education, training, and employment trends; labor market information and resources that provide information about job tasks, functions and salaries, requirements and future outlooks related to broad occupational fields and individual occupations.

•Resources and skills that clients utilize in life-work planning and management.

•Community / professional resources available to assist clients in career planning, including job search.

•Changing roles of women and men and the implications that this has for education, family, and leisure.

•Methods of good use of computer-based career information delivery systems (CIDS) and computer-assisted career guidance systems (CACGS) to assist with career planning.

Your report should succinctly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each source. Compare and contrast the three sources. In addition, provide recommendations (pros or cons) about the value of the sources to other potential users.

Below are examples of some computer based information delivery systems.

CACGSComputer assisted career guidance system

CIDSCareer information delivery system


DOTDictionary of occupational Titles

OOH Occupational Outlook Hand book 2008 -2009 edition

Career and occupational dictionary 2004 ( or

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Essay Instructions: CAREER DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH PAPER: - Resources - Hollands six Personality Types and Their Relationship to Vocational Preferences and Costa's Three Dimensional Model of Personality.

Describe the early influences on your vocational aspirations and the development of your work ethic. Review Holland six Personality Types and assess where your personality falls along these dimensions.

Describe your current dream as it relates to a future career and describe any mentoring influences that you have had related to work and a career. List aspects of the spillover effect and the work-related stress issues in your career that will be important to consider.

Write 1,750 word paper with five references- no plagerism

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Title: career counseling with diverse populations

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Essay Instructions: career counseling with diverse populations
Career guidance in institutions of higher learning APA format three pages. Just a general research paper on this topic.

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