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Essay Instructions: Subject: Master of Nursing : Policy, Power & Politics in Health Care Provision

Type: short essay with 1500-2000 word limit

Instruction: Having reviewed the sociological issues and their relationship to health care policy, discuss what the health care priorities should be over the coming decade to fix health inequities within HONG KONG? Focus your discussion on two issues only (eg gender, poverty, social class, ethnicity).

Reference: about 10 reference with APA format

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Managing Quality Saftey and Risk in Health Care Systems

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2671 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: With reference to the appropriate theoretical literature and using a range of examples, answer both of the following questions:

i. What is health care quality?

ii. Discuss the relative benefits and drawbacks of ‘checking’ versus ‘trusting’ in health care provision.

As a broad guide you should attempt to give weighting to parts i, ii above as follows:

Part i (40%) Part ii. (60%)

Generic Assessment Marking Criteria

You will be marked according to five criteria:

• Quality of Presentation
• Understanding and use of Theory
• Quality of Analysis
• Structure and Argument
• Conclusions

The examiners will be looking for the following elements for each of these criteria.


• All material is thoroughly and correctly referenced.
• Citations are given in the Harvard format, unless specifically specified otherwise in the assignment brief.
• Direct quotations from sources are referenced with page numbers.
• Appropriate use has been made of tables, diagrams, graphs and pictures.
• The use of formatting (line spacing, font, justified margins etc) is consistent throughout.
• The text is clear and readable, without typographic errors and spelling mistakes.
• The assignment is within the maximum word length suggested.
• The bibliography contains only the works cited in the assignment, is presented in author alphabetical order and is complete, accurate, and consistently formatted.


• Evidence of wider reading i.e. not relying on a textbook or single text source, but engaging with specialist texts, journal articles and reports.
• A demonstration of an understanding and awareness of a range of theoretical positions or technical options.
• The ability to place a particular text’s argument within a range of positions evident in the literature and to recognise its strengths and limitations as an explanatory framework.
• Direct quotes, paraphrasing or other evidence of active engagement with theory and/or technique is apparent throughout the assignment.


• The assignment demonstrates an ability to understand different perspectives i.e. the student can evaluate different options, engage critically with theory and practice and can justify their analysis above other available solutions or viewpoints.
• The analysis results from the use of judgement and discernment in selecting theory and applying it to the situation or problem.
• The selection of techniques and viewpoints are justified by the problem or issue outlined.
• Reflection and observation are integrated in the analysis in an appropriate way i.e. a supported argument illustrated with observation rather than a statement of opinion.

Structure and Argument

• An essay assignment will normally include an introduction, several sub-titled sections in the main body, a conclusion and a bibliography. Alternative formats may be specified by the assignment brief and, if so, have been used.
• A coherent argument is evident, which clearly links the different elements of the assignment together and leads the reader through to a justifiable conclusion.
• The argument is logically constructed with each section building on the insights of preceding sections i.e. different perspectives are not simply thrown together without an understanding of how they contribute to the overall argument presented.
• Theory is integrated into the analytical and/or practical elements of the assignment where appropriate
• Meaning is not obscured by poor grammar, paragraph or sentence construction.


• The conclusion summarises the whole of the assignment and not just the analysis i.e. conclusions relate questions posed, adequacy of the theory, empirical issues explored and reflect on the student’s approach to the work.
• The conclusions refer to the argument presented to that point and do not introduce new ideas or arguments “at the last moment”.
• The conclusion demonstrates the ability of the student to justify their theoretical and analytical approach.
• Conclusions have been drawn and follow, and are justified by, the analysis in the main body of the assignment. Where required, practical recommendations are feasible and follow on from the conclusions, addressing the issues identified.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: This paper is on Economic Issues Simulation paper. The uploaded document is where the contents/resource will come from. Listed below is what the paper should include.

You need to analyze (compare/contrast the pros/cons of Castor Std, Castor Enhanced, Castor Enhanced Minor policies for Constructit or E-Editors. Just make sure to review each of the 3 plan's details and list the pros/cons by stakeholder group (patient, provider, third-party payer) with consideration for costs, quality, and access to care provisions of each plan. Describe the company profile and needs. Examine the demographics and risk factors. Evaluate the costs and benefits of each package and provide your reasons for selecting a particular plan to offer the company. Make sure to identify which one is best in your summary with rationale/justification.

? The profile of the chosen company includes the demographics of the employees, the health care risk factors, and the premiums the company is willing to pay.
? An analysis of the potential utilization is presented.
? The selected plan to sell to this company is presented along with reasons why.
? Reasons for not selecting the other plans is also given.
? The paper is 1050 to 1400 words in length.
? The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.
? The conclusion is logical, flows, and reviews the major points
? The paper?including the title page, reference page, tables, and any appendixes?is consistent with APA guidelines as directed by the facilitator. The paper is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space.
? Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: long-term care

Total Pages: 2 Words: 618 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Including professional experiences, what issues are we facing in long-term care provision? How will this affect families? How will this affect employers? What types of employment policies might be appropriate regarding those engaged in providing long-term care for a family member? What can and should be done to encourage education and pre-planning in the area of long-term care for families?

Excerpt From Essay:

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