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Title: Healthcare Article Review

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Essay Instructions: The assignment is an article review on US Health Care for a health course. The article review (either journal or newspaper; must be full length articles) should be on the current health care issues as they relate to the medical and legal fields of heath care. Click on the attachment below to read the chosen article. Please contact me via email if the links are not attainable or if there are any problems.

“Cutting Health-Care Costs by Putting Doctors on a Budget”,8599,1908477,00.html

A minimum length should be 3 pages (12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins). Submission should include a) summarizing key points and b) personal reflection on the article including its impact on health care practice, impact on patient and impact on practitioner. I will be sending a sample article and a sample article review response with the format of how the response should look like. The summary is intended to be a learning and reflective exercise to broaden your understanding of the health care environment. Please do not restate the article.

Some quotes can be used to support any claims as necessary, but if you do please use MLA citation.

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Essay Instructions: This is for an Economics class, with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. Please number the answers so they can be matched to the questions. Thank you!

1. In a particular country health insurance is nonexistent and all medical markets are perfectly competitive. Use supply and demand analysis to explain the impact of the following changes on the price and output of physician services:
- A decrease in the wage of clinic based nurses
- The adoption of cost-enhancing medical technologies
- An aging population and a correspondingly more severe patient case mix
- Declining consumer income
- A lower market price for physician services
2. Using supply and demand analysis, show graphically and explain verbally some of the factors that may have led to rising health care costs in the US from 1960 to the present day.
3. Assume the sale of human organs is legalized and a free market develops. Furthermore, assume the market is in equilibrium. Trace through the price and output effects of the following:
- An increase in the incomes of potential buyers of human kidneys.
- A decrease in the price of dialysis.
- The development of a new drug that leaves the immune system intact while preventing transplant rejection.
- A greater willingness by individuals to supply human kidneys.
4. Discuss the 2 views of government intervention in a market-based health care system.
What is the role of the politician in both of these views?
5. Do you think subsidies should be provided to lower the cost of medical education? Why or why not? Use a graphical model in your explanation if possible.

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