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Title: Carbon Cycle

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Essay Instructions: Consider the this picture of a back yard develop a flow diagram that demonstrates the movement of
carbon within the context of the backyard picture In the diagram indicate the sources of
energy and ways in which the water cycle connects to the cycling of carbon within the
pictured environment.

In about 1- 1.5 pages describe the flow diagram made above from the diagram. Use Earth system science terminology as appropriate reservoirs, fluxes, and processes that change the form of energy, water, and elements such as photosynthesis, condensation, and fire etc.

The one to one point five pages should Incorporates specific observations from the pictured environment. It should demonstrates an understanding of carbon cycle use Earth system science terminology.

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Title: earth science

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Essay Instructions: Using the link below, need a 2 page summary of this article and how these processes are shaping the Earths surface and atmosphere
How Mars Could Have Been Warm And Wet But Limestone Free

Planetary scientists have puzzled for years over an apparent contradiction on Mars. Abundant evidence points to an early warm, wet climate on the red planet, but there's no sign of the widespread carbonate rocks, such as limestone, that
should have formed in such a climate. A new analysis suggests that on Mars, sulfur went through a whole cycle comparable tothe well-known carbon cycle on
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Title: Air Quality and Watersheds

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Essay Instructions: Directions: Please read the question first, and then use any information from our textbooks (Godish, Thad & Godish, Thaddeus (2003). Air Quality. (4th ed.), and (DeBarry, Paul A. (2004). Watersheds: Processes, Assessment and Management. (1th ed.) and course modules as guidance where AND any additional research to support your responses to the following questions. Please cite your supporting references appropriately using APA citation. You should prepare your essay responses to be no less than the length indicated for each essay question.

This section of the assignment focuses on the characteristics of flow from a watershed after a rainfall. Remember, express flow or discharge as volume per unit time (i.e. gallons per minute (gpm), gallons per day (gpd), cubic feet per second (cfs), liters per second (lps), or cubic meters per second). You have to show UNITS both in your equation and your answer. The units will be feet, inches, seconds, minutes, meters, etc. Points will be deducted if you do not show units. You need to succinctly show all your work or explain how you arrived at your answer.

1) What is the discharge (in cfs) of a stream going through a rectangular open channel which is 12 feet wide, where the water is 5 feet deep, and the average stream velocity is 3 feet per second? Please show your work. [Hint: Use information in Section 12.2 on page 319 (also after table 2.8 and before figure 2.4 in Module 2]

2) What is the answer to number 2 in units of gallons per minute (gpm)? Liters per second (lps)? Million gallons per day (mgd)? Please show your work. [[Hint: Use information in Section 12.2 on page 319 (also after table 2.8 and before figure 2.4 in Module 2]

3) If you were told a watershed is 85% impervious… what is the runoff coefficient, Rv? Please show your work. [Hint: Use information in Module 2]

4) Using the Rv you just calculated, what is the runoff volume if you were told the drainage area of the watershed is 35,000 square feet and the rainfall depth was 6 inches? Please show your work. [Hint: Use information in Module 2]

This section of the assignment focuses on the characteristics of atmosphere pollutants and air quality standards. You must use and show RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES for the remaining questions.

Remember, a sink is vehicle for removal of a chemical or gas from the atmosphere-biosphere-ocean system, in which the substance is absorbed into a permanent or semi-permanent repository, or else transformed into another substance. A carbon sink, for example, might be the ocean (which absorbs and holds carbon from other parts of carbon cycle) or photosynthesis (which converts atmospheric carbon into plant material). Sinks are a fundamental factor in the ongoing balance which determines the concentration of every greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. If the sink is greater than the sources of a gas, its concentration in the atmosphere will decrease; if the source is greater than the sink, the concentration will increase.

Using RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES, fill in the following table. Please answer this question concisely in your own words. Cutting and pasting phrases from any source will give you a zero for the entire assignment.

5) Identify the sinks for the following molecules and the transformation of the molecules due to the sink. [Hint: Use information as guidance in Chapter 2].

Molecule Sink for molecule Form of molecule after sink used

6) When fossil fuel is burned, many different types of carbon-based molecules can be emitted. Of all carbon-based emissions, carbon dioxide is the best-case scenario given what will occur to the other carbon-based emissions. Using RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES, Explain in no less than three hundred (300) words why you agree with disagree with the previous statement.

7) Mini-case study: Go to the EPA’s page to read their proposal to revise the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone. Many resources case be found at:

Now search for a RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC REFERENCE to provide the argument for why those new ground-level ozone standards should not be implemented. Write a brief summary (no less than 450 words) to provide your assessment of the air quality problems and communicate those issues with stakeholders. Please make sure to indicate who your stakeholders are at the beginning of your essay/speech.

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Essay Instructions: Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve in Pennsylvania

Select a representative natural ecosystem in your area or one that you are interested in?such as a lake, preserve, or park?that is managed for native species.

The major structural and functional dynamics (processes) of that ecosystem including change over time

How humans may have affected biogeochemical cycles in that ecosystem, including impacts to the nitrogen, phosphorus, or carbon cycle

How knowledge about that ecosystem?s structure and function can help or has helped to develop plans for its management and restoration

The implication of species interactions in ecosystem management and restoration

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