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Title: Jane's Life Changing Experience due to a Car Accident

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Essay Instructions: The average length of answers to essay questions is 2 - 3 pages, although some answers may vary.

Jane, a 38 year old, African American female, wants therapy but is afraid to venture outside of her home. She explains that this began shortly after her husband was killed in a car accident, in which she was a passenger. Her family is no longer willing to cater to her incessant demands, because they feel that she is using the accident as an excuse for attention. Jane tells you that she feels that she is no longer loved and just “might as well give up”. She wants to know if you do therapy on a ‘home-visit’ basis.

1. George Kelly’s theory is a scientific alternative to personality theory. He developed an organized set of constructs to explain human phenomenon. Describe how Kelly’s philosophical theory has clinical application to Jane’s personality structure? How might Kelly’s concept of pathological anxiety apply to your understanding of Jane?

2. Information-Processing theory and Cognitive Psychology have been used interchangeably to discuss human behavior. How people organize information and their consequential lifestyle is a current interest in psychology today. Using the concepts of causal attribution, self-schemata, self-guides, and other related cognitive constructs, how has Jane possibly misinterpreted her situation?

3. Social Cognitive theories are a primary focus in today’s clinical world. The person is seen as a proactive vs. reactive organizer of his or her life. Utilizing the main concepts of this theory explain why Jane is having such difficulty coping with life? How would Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck intervene in Jane’s lifestyle?

If you can refer from the below text books it would be great -

Barone, D. G., Hersen, M & Van Hasselt, V.B. (1998/2004). Advanced Personality. New York, NYNY Springer

Cervone, D & Previn, L.A. (2010). Personality Theory and Research. (11th ed.). New York, NYNY Wiley, John & Sons, Inc.
Excerpt From Essay:

The Beginning of Cognitivist. (2002). All Psych. Retrieved from:

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Title: Biology and Technology in the Real World

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Essay Instructions:

This paper will address course outcomes 2 and 3:
• use knowledge of biological principles to ask relevant questions about the natural world
• make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations

. Write two pages, double spaced, excluding references. You must read the articles that you find and summarize the information they contain briefly in your own words. Extensive quotes from the article are discouraged. This assignment demonstrates the acceptable, ethical, and academic method for citing information from a public source. You may not use online encyclopedias as a source more than once. Use APA style for citing references

(Essay Topic) Stem cells: A relative of a friend of yours had a spinal cord injury after a bad car accident. The medical team has decided that this patient is a good candidate for a clinical trial using stem cell therapy. Your friend has not had a biology course since high school, so you are going to write for him or her a two-page discussion of stem cell information. In your discussion, include a description of the biology of stem cells, and explain how these cells are unique in their ability to treat diseases and injury.

The following website from NIH regarding stem cell research will be very helpful:
Excerpt From Essay:

Mayo Clinic. (2013). Stem Cells: What They Are and What They Do. Mayo Clinic, Web, Available from: 2013 May 31.

National Institute of Health. (2013). Basic Questions about Stem Cells. NIH, Web, Available from: 2013 May 31.

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