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Title: History of Wilmington Economy

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the economic trasition of Wilmington during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Focus on the rise of overseas trade and commerce, wartime industries and post-world war efforts to solidify the city''s status as North Carolina''s most important seaport. How did the Lower Cape Fear''s extractive industry fare in teh late 19th century? What important industries supplanted the naval stores exports? What role did Wilmington play during the great World Wars?
Answer in detail in a hisoriographical essay. Use quotes and cite sources. DOuble space

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Title: Film Music Compare and Contrast Essay

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Essay Instructions: Film Music: Compare and Contrast Essay

Choose one of the two options.

A Compare and Contrast essay of a minimum of 650 words on the two different scores to a movie of the same name. (a remake) Some great examples are: Oceans 11, The Preachers Wife, Psycho, Manchurian Candidate, Miracle on 34th Street, Cape Fear.

Another option would be to campare the two available music scores to the movie Legend. This movie starring Tom Cruise, is a great example although you will need to find the DVD not the video. The DVD includes the option to watch the film with original Jerry Goldsmith score or with the score performed by Tangerine Dream. Again, it is neccessary to have the DVD, the video will not give you both options.

Each essay should reflect the concepts and ideas that we have used in our lessons and must be entirely in the student's own words.

The emphasis must be on aural observations of the music and how it relates to the film and not on descriptions of the composer's lives. Do NOT include biographical material. Do NOT include historical material.

Do not copy directly from internet or books. You need to use your own words.

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