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Title: Cane by Jean Toomer

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Essay Instructions: Choose one of the 3 study questions on the last page of the fax sent under the caption WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT. Include at least 3 citations and immediately following the direct quote put the page number in parentheses.

Include at the top of the essay the question #

The book is entitled Cane by Jean Toomer (1923)
ISBN # 0-87140-151-7

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Title: How Jean Toomer's book Cane embraces the issue of mixed racial identity as it would be received in the early decades of the 20th centrury

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Essay Instructions: Essay - Thesis -This paper will examine how Jean Toomer's book, Cane,embraces the issue of mixed racial identity as it would be received in the early decades of the 20th century.
7-8 examples/supporting details form the book Cane with proper documentation
2-3 parentheical quotations
8 pages
works cited page
bibliography page
Excerpt From Essay:

James Kraft "Jean Toomer's Cane"; Therman B. O'Daniel: Jean Toomer: A Critical Evaluation. College Language Association (U.S.) Howard University: Washington, DC. 1988

William Stanley Braithwaite, "The Negro in American Literature," in the New Negro, ed. Alain Locke (New York: Atheneum, 1969), 44.

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Title: Individual Intervention

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Essay Instructions: Individual Intervention for Brian

Each student will be responsible for writing up potential interventions related to the areas of assessment/ explanation covered in his/her individual Assessment/Explanation section. To continue the above example about attention deficit , a student in his intervention section would describe various intervention for attention deficit, including any empirical support, or evidence , of positive outcomes related to the type of intervention. This is to be formally presented as a scholarly paper, reference and cited correctly ( ALL FACT NEED TO BE CITED).

The intervention part needs to be 4 pages.. not more then and not less then. exactly 4 pages or i'll get marked down. =( My professor doesn't like websites being used as reference. She thinks that it's not professional.

** So this was a group project. We received a vignette about a pretend family. (pierce family) each group member then chose one person of the family and focused on an issue they had. THe person that I chose was BRian Cane the oldest son. The issue that I need to focus on is sibling rivalry between him and his twin brothers. He is a 15 year old boy that's living with his stepdad, step sister and twin brothers from a moms affair. From the mom's affair, she conceived 2 twin boys with a disablity. Because of the two brothers brian feels resentment towards his mom. He also feels jealousy because, his mom is giving the kids more attention becasue they have a disability. Brian can't stand his brothers so he locks himself in the room. Thus making him lack communication with family. Sibling rivalry also has a negative effect on the marital status. Brian's stepdad gets stressed becasue of the problems of the kids that he leaves the home to have the mom deal with it. Because he's locked up in the room he probably feels depressed and feels isolation. The vignette does mention that Brian brian is smart and loves technology so maybe find an intervention that brian can do that also brings out his strengths and boost his self esteem. So an intervention that brian could do to help with sibling rivalry and the other negative effects that it has like i mentioned above.

This paper needs to be an individual therapy for Brian. No family intervention! That's focused on a different section!
THis paper is also not a narrative. It's a research paper. If you want to tie in brian, then you could tie it at the end where you tie brian to how it will help him with his issue of sibling rivalry.

In a research paper, every other sentences should be cited! all facts should be cited!!
My professor doesn't consider websites as appropriate references in a graduate program.
Excerpt From Essay:

Means-Burleson, a.M. (2002). Aggression: Family and sibling correlates. Dissertation Abstracts International, 68(6B), 3015. (UMI

No. 3058213)

Minuchin, S. (1974). Families and family therapy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

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Title: Jean Toomer Cane

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Essay Instructions: I REQUEST Writer''s Username: Christinepizan who recently wrote a paper for me!

ASSIGNMENT AS GIVEN: Read at least one critical or scholarly article on each of the authors studied. For the most part you should consider articles dealing with works assigned in class (Cane in this case). For each of these readings, 1)give a full bibliographical citation, 2) a summary of the article, including thesis and method, and 3) your own considererd response to and evaluation of the piece.

Attn: Christine, Basically same assignment as before. Again I would prefer it to be too long than too short. I do have the following article in my possession and am familiar with it if you would like to use it for the assignment. "Form, Function, and Creative Tension in Cane: Jean Toomer and the Need for the Avant-Garde". I obtained this through EBSCOHOST. Use your judgment--the more scholarly, the better.

Some comments I would like to have included if feasible are:
1)Toomer''s mixed blood became symbol of his own inner struggle. 2)There are lots of struggles in Cane: black&white, light&dark, North& South,

REQUEST: Please put the Reference page on a separate page from the rest of the paper.

If you have access to the novel Cane, I used the one published by Liveright in New York, pp. 1-16.
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