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Title: Campaign plan for a small town mayor

Total Pages: 16 Words: 4406 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Campaign plan is for a fictional, small town mayoral race (Republican running). Sections needed include:

1. Description of the political environment
2. Strategy statement (who and why: who gets involved [unions, environmentalists], who donates)
3. Tactics (how and when)
4. Time line for implementation of tactics
5. Budget: How much will the campaign cost
6. Finance Plan: How will we pay for it
7. Cash flow budget and finance plan
8. The final six weeks (campaign ad, benchmark poll)

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Title: campaign finance

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1600 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Campaign Finance
Candidates running for public office have long depended on the
contributions of supporters to help fund their campaigns. Policy regarding who
can donate and how much they can contribute continues to be hotly debated. On
January 21, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the case Citizens United vs.
Federal Election Commission, controversially allowing for corporations and
unions to create political advertisement using money from their treasuries.
Recent revelations about the over $100 million dollars in campaign contributions
made by Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries, have raised further
questions about the ethics of campaign finance and what, if any, constraints
should be placed on the practice.

20 - Thesis/Conclusion
• Mentions philosopher in Conclusion
• Clearly stated thesis
• 3 points to support thesis
30 - Organization
• Style Guide
• Correct Heading
• Formatting
30 - Logical Analysis
• Clarity
• Content
• Support
60 - Ethical Analysis
• Addresses ethical issue-20
• Correct use of moral theory-20
• Adequate use of a class philosopher-20
20 - Grammar
• Correct word usage
• Sentence structure
• Spelling
20 ??" Bibliography/In-text Citations
• Correct in paper citations
• Works cited page
• Complete citations
20 - Quality of Writing
• Makes sense
• Well written
• Comprehensive
200 Point Total

These are not research papers. The purpose of these papers is not to
improve your library skills; it is to improve your ability to think critically and
justify your moral positions rationally. However, you must include a bibliography
at the end of your paper.

Read the topic closely. Identify the problems in the topic. Are any of the
problems moral problems or are they merely tough decisions?
• Brainstorm. Write down the possible responses to the topic. What argument
could you defend? What would Kant say? What about Mill or Aristotle? Would
Hobbes have different response? Select one of these philosophers to help you
make your argument on the topic. Select a thesis statement. This will be the
argument for the entire paper. An example:
• Case: “Rich is offered a term paper for his biology class for $100. He
doesn’t have time to write a paper for the biology class. Should he buy
the paper?” Now put the case and a thesis in your own words.
• Student: “A biology student has failed to write his term paper and is
now facing a failing grade. He is offered a term paper for $100. It is
unacceptable for the student to buy the term paper because he is lying
to his teacher in trying to get a grade through fraudulent means, cheating
by not doing the work that other students have had to do for the course,
and hurting himself by not doing his own scholarship.”
• Now begin writing the rough draft of the case. Remember it is important to
refine your writing. You will learn something new about the subject, your
thinking, or your writing each time you refine the case. As you are writing, think
of the consequences and obligations that are tied into each of the following
aspects of the case. The thesis statement has three points included in it. You
need to develop an argument for each point.
• He is lying to his teacher in trying to get a grade through fraudulent
• cheating by not doing the work that other students have had to do for
the course, and
• hurting himself by not doing his own scholarship.
• Remember to write a strong, defining thesis statement.
• Now explain what should be done in this case. Remember to identify the
moral or ethical problems that are involved in the topic. With each point in the
paper, argue why it presents a moral problem (lying, cheating, and hurting
oneself). Each point could take approximately one page.
• Next, explain what one of the course’s philosophers would say about this
topic. Only use one philosopher and use one to two full pages to explain this
philosopher’s position. Select a philosopher who will agree with your point of
view. In the above case, either Aristotle’s or Kant’s philosophies would work
very well. Be sure to use philosopher’s concepts in correct context.

You can use the philospher Marx and Engels

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Essay Instructions: Given the current campaign war that is waging in the political races, I pose the following question: Are the campaign practices of today effective in helping the average voter determine who is the best or most qualified candidate? Why or why not? Explain in 275 words.

Discuss in 270 words the "temptation to shirk" (do less than one's part) in your agency(PD), including possible causes and solutions. Make suggestions for combating shirking in police, fire and military occupations: be innovative!

What is the term limits of the governor in your(NY) state? How does this affect the governor?s power? This will probably take 250 words or more to explain.

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Title: Trends in Campaign Finance and it's effect on outcomes of elections

Total Pages: 13 Words: 3540 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Analyze contributions to key Governor races from 1998-2010, including 1998,2002,2006,2010 ( include Cayhill), including spending by independent expenditure organizations. Data points should include for each major party general election candidate: total raised and spent, any personal contributions, amounts raised in state vs out of state, amount raised by industry or profession.

This information is all found on

The paper should focus on trends that are apparent throughout all 4 campaigns and whether certain groups or contributions affected the outcome of the elections.

Some graphs and comparisons of these factors should be included in the paper.

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