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Title: Safeguarding the Public P1

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Essay Instructions: Can you provide me with approximately 500 words on the following:

A UK cable television company, MTL, is due to start laying cables in a small residential housing estate. The work will involve excavating trenches along pavements, short term storage of spoil from the excavations, backfilling and laying of hot tar. The work is programmed to start in eight weeks? time and will continue for four weeks from January into February. Outline the precautions MTL should take to ensure the safety of the public.

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Title: Young voters and social media

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Essay Instructions: Please provide FINDINGS (conclusions) based on the research data provided - (some of this will rest on you analyzing the data as well - this is purely stating the obvious from the data).

Below is the topic of my groups research paper:

The topic of my group’s research paper has to do with how younger voters get their information on voting in order to make informed decisions. The reason this topic was chosen is because midterm elections just passed and our youth make up a large percentage of the population. How they vote and how they get their information to decide how to vote is of importance.
The specific hypothesis that will be tested for this research is: The majority of youth absorb political information regarding candidates and policy from personal communication and social media networks. Their access to voting information comes largely from such cable television stations such as MTV and other similar media outlets where popular rocks stars, rappers, actors and even reality television stars give messages when it is close to time to vote.
When the word ‘young’ is used in this research, the reference is to adults between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty four (24) years of age. The research methods used to test the hypothesis will be surveys.
The participants will be chosen through colleges and universities throughout the city with traditional programs as well as programs for adult learners, up to and including the age of twenty four (24).
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Essay Instructions: Pick one of the media (Network Television, Local Broadcast Television, Cable Television, or the Internet) to provide a forecast of what you believe to be the most probable future scenario for that medium. Discuss the societal and cultural impact of this predicted future scenario. Please use evidence such as statistics to defend your thought. You can discuss from the aspects of audience measurement, advertising market, program selection or the impact brought by new technology.

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Title: Moore and Kearsley

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Essay Instructions: This is formal paper; use the reading to help aid in writing the paper. You must quote from the reading in order to substantiate your points. For Outside Sources, Use Journal Articles or Internet Only!

Read the Moore & Kearsley article and answer the discussion questions. ‘State the question first and then continue to answer.’

Discussion questions

1.Which countries, if any, can you think of that are attending in a very focused way on developing knowledge industries as a strategy for economic development, and do you think there is any reason for countries like the U.S. to give more careful attention to this issue? Or do you, perhaps, feel reassured by the data on page 291? If so, why?

2.What has gone wrong with our social and educational institutions such that all of you who are studying this education are deprived of the opportunity of viewing high quality programs about distance education delivered by cable television and linked to these online materials? As stated in the chapter, it is essential that investment in technology is equaled by investments in program designed and in Lerner support. Essentially, but is it likely? What do you think?

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