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Title: business leaders

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Essay Instructions: Book review assignment: Please send as Microsoft word document attachment(Per the syllabus)
The book review should begin with title, author and publisher. Briefly summarize the purpose, arguments and content of the book. Then, provide your assessment. A thoughtful and insightful page or two of assessment is expected, not the sophomoric: "This was a great book, I really enjoyed reading it." Of course proper spelling ,grammar and paragraphing are expected.

The professor gave suggestions of biographies of business leaders: Jack Welch, Thomas Watson Sr. etc.

He also gave some examples such as Hypercompetition:Managing the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering, Winning and Keeping Industrial Customer, Reverse Marketing, Driving Customer Equity.

Basically, this is an MBA marketing class, so the book selection is broad so long as it isn''t "fluff"

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Title: A Successful Business Leader

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper on a business leader (during the last 30 years) who has led major change successfully. Discuss why you think this individual is a leader, and what devices he/she used to successfully lead change. Be sure and describe the type of change. The paper is limited to 8 to 10 pages, typed and double spaced with references. The cover page and reference page are not included in the page count. The term paper is required to be in APA format and third person. You must include a minimum of two citations and references in APA format.

The business leader I have chosen is Bill Gates.

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Essay Instructions: there are certain business leaders who make impact on ther companies and often on the world of business because of their philosophies, action, and businesses they lead. I choose Facebook Mark Zuckerburg.
1. describe the business leader's primary business or businesses,highliting how the leader got started and analyze the leader's three major business challenges in establishing and/or running the company. (2 pages)
2. analyze this business leader's leadership style and discuss how he or she has adapted to cultural differences and how he or she operates the business effectively in global marketes. (1 pages)
3. evaluate this leader's theory of business leadership, management, and methods for motivating individual and group behavior. (2 pages)
4.discuss how this business leader has made an impact on the world through his or her vision, business, and through other areas (e.g.,philanthropy, environmentalism, etc) (2 pages)

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Title: An Admission Essay to William and Mary MBA

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Essay Instructions: Hi: I want you please to help me to work out the William & Mary MBA application essays?I am a male, and I was graduated from September 2002 to July 2005, so I just finished my degree for three year yet(four years length program to take in three year?). And I am in Georgia, USA right now to prepare for GMAT...I am 23 years old. I could be the assistant before b/c that was my father's friend company (He was the owner of the company). My father was a pharmacist before and he had opened some company by himself, so he always pushes me to become an independent person for thinking and leadership style. When I was a high-school student, I don't have normal life same with the others. I need to be found the job by myself and become feeling with all ways? good leader. He told me I need to earn the tuition by myself. That?s the reason I was waiter and assistant in Taiwan... My job was same like the internship in the company but it's full-time. I had the tutor at night, so I can join the company?s decision process. Such as board meeting, investment road-show?etc. For the reason of join with the company process, so I can have early experience to see the multinational company working process (Japan, China, and Taiwan [eastern business culture background + USA learning experience ]), and service the people in the Hilton will make me think the others way for each level?s person thinking. It both trains me to think independent and all the ways to solve the problems.? I had volunteer in the foundation since I was 13, and become the lifelong volunteer in that foundation. Taking care of people for their request is the good ways to solve problems by myself. It both makes me feel more strong and independent, so I could come to U.S.A by myself when I was 19. I had learned my third language and life style in U.S a lots. For the international student, I have to live by myself and push me harder to adopt here. For almost five years experience, I learned lots from here and combine my eastern background to become a new ways style for life and leadership experience? My interest is in finance area and planning to take the CFA test before the MBA graduation. Finance and information are the two of my major interest, and I will choose to combine them with my multicultural background. And, I understand the need for the business leaders of tomorrow to shoulder the responsibilities of local and global citizenship through just practices and fair business policies. This is brief summary for my information. Please help me to write down more creative, motivate, and ?Unique essay? with no ??plagiarism??. The Admissions Committee looks for essays that clearly and concisely answer each question. Be sure to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Be careful about the word limit for each of the question! Try to qualify for each of question *(not over but not too least! Please~)Tell me you need to anything?.Thank you for your helping this really help me a lots thanks?Please try it! I really need to your help!!


Please provide essay responses for the following questions. Limit each essay to approximately 800 words. At the top of each page, please put your full name and a complete statement of the question being answered. Use at least 11-point font and 1.5 spacing.

1. Explain what has led you to want to pursue an MBA, particularly, why an MBA, why William and Mary, and why now? Please address your post-MBA professional goals as part of your response.

2. Describe three (3) personal qualities that you feel would make you a good MBA candidate.

3. What is the most creative solution you have ever used to meet a challenge? Was it successful? If yes, how so? If not, what will you do if confronted with a similar situation in the future?

4. If there is any additional information that you believe is important to our assessment of your candidacy, please feel free to include it in your application here.

There have some of my information and essay questions I had applied for the others school (NYU & Maryland) so this may help you to find out more information. Thanks.

-- These are my information below: (Please tell me you need anything! ~ You can SENT me the e-mail at or )

- My Resume-1:

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- My working experience:

- My Research Project:

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