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Title: Bureaucracy as an ethical way to lead and organize

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1224 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The essay prompt is:
"Bureaucratic administration means fundamentally the exercise of control on the basis of knowledge. This is the feature of it which makes it specifically rational". Max Weber, The Theory of Social and Economic Organization, 1947, p. 339

Max Weber was the first to formulate the characteristics of bureaucracy in a systematic manner. Write an essay highlighting why bureaucracy might or might not be an ethically proper way to organise.

The essay should go over how bureaucracies are used in businesses and why it is useful, but also the downsides. A brief history of bureaucracies in business would be good, maybe showing successful examples and unsuccessful ones. The paper should try to defend that bureaucracies are useful and can be ethical.

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Title: bureaucracy power in its various institutions

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Essay Instructions: Essay topic:
Compare and contrast Weber’s view of modern “bureaucracy” as emblematic of “Legal-Rational Domination” with Foucault’s image of the “carceral” organisation as epitomising “disciplinary power”. To what extent is contemporary society characterised by such forms of power in its various institutions? Illustrate your answer with some examples.

Word Length: 2000

Please be sure that arguments (and evidence) are sufficiently referenced throughout the paper. There must be 13 scholarly references :) Also no internet sites in the reference&/bibliography list.

I will be uploading a couple of scholarly articles etc for your convenience if you choose to use them that is up to you. The bigger the reference list and bibliography the better :)

As a general rule, the marking of all written assignments and essays will be informed by the following criteria, which are offered as a guide to students in developing their work.

NB: Please note that the following criteria are not ranked in any order of importance:

1. Structure:
How effectively is the material presented, organised and logically ordered?
Does the presentation of material indicate evidence of careful reading in its planning, preparation and writing?
Does your essay have an introduction, body and conclusion?

2. Introduction:
How well does the introduction identify and formulate an argument or main claim for the discussion?
Does it state the aim of the essay and introduce the topic?
Does it give the reader an overview of what is to follow?

3. Argument:
Is the main claim or thesis, presented in a logically coherent manner?
Is the argument adequately supported through the use of properly referenced and appropriate evidence?

4. Content:
Does the substantive content of the discussion indicate that the analysis is detailed and critical?
Are all major issues considered?
Is there recognition of conflicting theories and explanations?
Is the material presented relevant to the topic or essay question?

5. Originality:
Does the discussion indicate originality and independence of thought?
Does the student raise their own questions and develop their own arguments?

6. Conclusion:
Have the main points been summarised?
Has a conclusion been stated?
Are the concluding statements justified on the basis of what has been presented in the body of the assignment?

7. Referencing:
Is all the research material adequately referenced and documented by the use of citations, quotations and a reference list?
Has the Harvard style of referencing been used correctly?

8. Clarity of Expression and Presentation:
Is the quality of the expression clear?
Is the grammar, punctuation and spelling correct?
Is the question clearly identified?
Are the pages numbered?
Are the font size (12 point) and line spacing (double) correct?

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Title: Do you think that bureaucracy is a necessary evil Why is it necessary and what are its evils

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1089 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please write an essay on the topic above. This essay is intended for a
political science module. Please write a balanced essay by analysing the
pros and cons of the questions. Equal emphasis will be placed on both
The following will be details for your reference:

Public Administration is the process by which public resources and
personnel are organised to carry out public policies and laws
It is often characterised by bureaucracies and large scale activities
Bureaucracy means civil servants and govt. agencies that are involved with
day-to-day policy implementation
Public policies are the laws, decisions, rules and regulations produced by
the political process of the country
It is a course of action for the purpose of dealing with a problem of
public concern
Characteristics of bureaucracy/administration:
In developed systems:
~Large scale and instrumental
~Professional outlook
~Clarity of role
~Measures of control
Developing societies:
~Deficient in skilled manpower
~Personal expediency rather than public interest
~Gap between form and reality
~Operational autonomy without accountability

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Title: Bureaucracy and Power in Human Service Organisations

Total Pages: 11 Words: 2761 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: NOTE -
I have two large documents that I wish to post to the writer allocated this essay (it is not possible to email or fax these pages as the document is too large). I will require the writer to commence this essay only after the document arrives to them within 3-5 working days from Australia. This paper can be completed no later than 13 October 2005. Finally, could you please advise what address and details I must use to send my documents to the writer ASAP and also how I can organise payment to have the writer post back documents after completion of the essay?

Drawing on the organisational theory of ?bureaucracy? and a discussion of power, you are required to consider how, as a ?human service worker?, you might go about achieving some form of internal organisational change. This might be a change to decision-making processes, or to an aspect of service, or policy.

What strategies of change would you pursue? Who would you seek to influence, persuade, and how? How would you address the issues and challenges presented by certain power relations in the organisation?

Please remember that this question relates to working in ?human service organisations?. Remember to demonstrate knowledge of theories of organisations and power as applied to the example at hand. Demonstrate awareness and application of appropriate strategies to achieve change.

1. When looking at power, discuss the power a bureaucratic hierarchy has over what workers do and over what workers can do with clients or the resources they are allowed to give clients and which groups are allowed to be clients etc.

2. By using the bureaucratic theory of organisation can show how a worker can increase the power of clients in a bureaucratic power structure of an organisation, as most Australian welfare organisations receiving government funding have a bureaucratic theory power structure.

3. This essay is for Australian readers so please use either general examples or Australian examples to emphasise your point.

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