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Title: Education budget cuts

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1583 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Describe a current issue relevant to public service: The issue is the budget cuts within the UC and State school system.

1) Identify some ways of thinking/acting identified in the resources to be provided (for example: self-interest, customer orientation, bureaucracy, humanism, expectations, mindfulness, planning) and describe how those ways of thinking/acting have caused and/or contribute to sustaining this issue (budget cuts within the UC and State school system). No international references.

2) Drawing especially upon the resources provided, identify and describe some alternative ways of thinking/acting that might be useful in addressing this issue.

3) Give some examples of how the issue might be changed/improved if these alternatives were adopted.

Quotations should be identified as in the following example:

Gergen (1999, p. 116) suggests "audacious theorizing" as a major contributor to social change.

*The resources to be provided will be from three books 1) Boleman and Deal and 2) Weicleff and Schlutffe, 3)Denhardt and Dendhart. These should be referenced according to the example provided above. They are the authors of the book. The file document label will identify which resource (i.e. boleman and deal, weicleff).
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Title: Public School Finance Budget Cuts

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1592 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 1) Budget Reduction Plan
a) For the purposes of the Benchmark Assessment, you are a principal who has been told by the superintendent to cut the school budget. The information sheet, ?Budget Cuts,? located within the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect, provides content, context, and tools for completing this assignment, including details about your role as the principal and the School Budget Table (Budget Breakdown).
b) Use the School Budget Table (Budget Breakdown) as presented in ?Budget Cuts,? to fully develop a budget reduction plan that addresses the budget cuts required by the superintendent. Identify and describe the primary sources of revenue available to your school.
i) Maintenance and operations budget allocations
ii) Capital budget
iii) Soft Capital budget allocations
iv) Bonds
v) Federal grants
vi) State grants
vii) Title money
viii) Overrides
ix) Extracurricular fees
x) Tax credits
xi) Other
c) Identify the primary items paid for with each of the above mentioned sources of revenue.
d) Identify the source of each revenue stream (e.g., the maintenance and operations budget is funded by the state on a per-student basis from primary property tax; bonds are levies voted on by the community and paid for through a secondary property tax).
e) Identify the primary use of each source of revenue (e.g., the maintenance and operations budget is used to pay salaries or purchase consumable instructional supplies).
f) Identify what, if any, limitations are placed on each source of revenue (e.g., soft capital dollars cannot be used for salaries or stipends).
g) Identify which of the items above could be cut to meet the district requirements and from which revenue streams. Place your suggested cuts in the three areas below: Priority 1 will be cut first and Priority 3 will be cut last. Identify those cuts that afford the least impact to student learning.
i) Priority 1 areas
ii) Priority 2 areas
iii) Priority 3 areas
h) APA format is not required, but solid writing skill in APA style is expected.
2) Justification Essay: Meeting District Requirements
a) Identify those in a school who might be included in and excluded from the budgetary decision-making process. These persons would comprise a stakeholder team. Provide a rationale as to why you included/excluded each.
b) Write an essay (1500?1750 words) that discusses your justification for the items you choose to remove from the school budget and how you will meet the district requirements as you implement your plan of action. Consider the following:
i) How your plan will ensure that the appropriate stakeholders were involved in the process.
ii) How your plan will be implemented.
iii) How you identified the programs to be preserved.
iv) How your plan ensures the continued educability of all in spite of the budget reductions.
v) How your plan continues to embrace the district?s vision of high standards of learning.
vi) How your plan will be communicated effectively to staff, parents, students, and community members.
vii) How your plan will determine the effectiveness of the cuts over time.
viii) How your plan identifies alternative sources of funding to replace the funding lost.

You are the principal of a medium-sized high school in the suburbs of a large city. You are aware of a significant budget crisis looming throughout the state and are not overly surprised when you receive a call from the Superintendent to attend an emergency District Leadership Team Meeting. Upon arrival at the meeting, you are handed the following memo:
From: Superintendent
To: Principals
Subject: Immediate Budget Cuts

As a result of significant budget reductions from the state Department of Education, this district will have to cut 20% of its maintenance and operations budget allocations and 30% of their soft capital budgets. Obviously, these reductions will significantly impact your current programming.

Action: All building principals are directed to go back to their respective campuses, collaborate with their school leadership teams and develop a comprehensive plan on how to accomplish these reductions from their existing operating budgets.

School Budget Break Down

Maintenance and Operations Budget Soft Capital Budget
Item Estimated %of the Budget Item Estimated % of the Budget
Salaries 80% Athletic Equipment
Administrative Salaries Text Book Adoptions
Support Staff Salaries Technology Equipment
Core Teacher Salaries Furniture and Desks
Elective Teacher Salaries Instructional Equipment
Extra Duty Stipends PE Equipment
Athletic Coaches Stipends
Instructional Supplies
Consumable Supplies
Professional Development
Purchased Services
Athletic Dues and Fees

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Essay Instructions: Essay Topic: budget cuts and the correctional system (state and federal)

The essay will be 4-5 pages in length and should conform to requirements of the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The essay should be double-spaced, include a title page, and utilize at least 3 additional journal articles (along with the text articles) to further evaluate and critically discuss the correctional issue of choice.

Write an introduction that stipulates overall purpose and how you will progress;
Choose a creative title that appropriately reflects your overall position;
Make sure you transition from one subject to the next in the body of the paper;
Avoid making your paper merely a descriptive literature review; utilize personal reflection;
Use at least 3 journal articles as source material and use this information to further your point;
Restate major issues in concluding remarks;
Make sure in-text citations and bibliographic information are consistent with one another; and

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THIS PAPER. This paper should be very strong from start to finish. Please make sure this essay is due on time. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Reference book:
Tewksbury, R. and D. Dabney (2009). Prisons and Jails: A Reader. Boston: McGraw Hill Higher Education.

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Title: The effects of Budget Cuts to Colleges in Canada Ontario

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1577 Sources: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper must have a thesis statement and it needs to be about the effects of budget cuts to Colleges in Canada. If you can find information on the effects of budget cuts to Colleges in Ontario even better. The paper must have an anotated reference page and an APA style bibliography. The paper must be based on at least 4 sources and those sources must be peer reviewed, if you can find 5 sources even better.
The paper needs to be at least 4-5 pages in length

Thank you very much

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