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Title: Budgeting a School

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Essay Instructions: Budgeting a School
You are the principal of a medium-sized high school in the suburbs of a large city. You are aware of a significant budget crisis looming throughout the state and are not overly surprised when you receive a call from the Superintendent to attend an emergency District Leadership Team Meeting. Upon arrival at the meeting, you are handed the following memo:
Subject: Immediate Budget Cuts
As a result of significant budget reductions from the state Department of Education, this district will have to cut 20% of its maintenance and operations budget allocations and 30% of their soft capital budgets. Obviously, these reductions will significantly impact your current programming.
Action: All building principals are directed to go back to their respective campuses, collaborate with their school leadership teams and develop a comprehensive plan on how to accomplish these reductions from their existing operating budgets.

Use the table below to address the budgetary issues .
For some reason the table cant format on this-- I will send it as a resource

1st part of this assignment is to complete the Budget Reduction Plan (Table I will send in resource)
You are a principal who has been told by the superintendent to cut the school budget. Complete School Budget Table to fully develop a budget reduction plan that addresses the budget cuts required by the superintendent. Also, in essay form Identify and describe the primary sources of revenue available to your school. (Trenton Public School District in New Jersey)
Maintenance and operations budget allocations
Capital budget
Soft Capital budget allocations
Federal grants
State grants
Title money
Extracurricular fees
Tax credits
Identify the primary items paid for with each of the above mentioned sources of revenue.
Identify the source of each revenue stream (e.g., the maintenance and operations budget is funded by the state on a per-student basis from primary property tax; bonds are levies voted on by the community and paid for through a secondary property tax).
Identify the primary use of each source of revenue (e.g., the maintenance and operations budget is used to pay salaries or purchase consumable instructional supplies).
Identify what, if any, limitations are placed on each source of revenue (e.g., soft capital dollars cannot be used for salaries or stipends).
Identify which of the items above could be cut to meet the district requirements and from which revenue streams. Place your suggested cuts in the three areas below: Priority 1 will be cut first and Priority 3 will be cut last. Identify those cuts that afford the least impact to student learning.
Priority 1 areas
Priority 2 areas
Priority 3 areas

Part 2 of Paper-Justification : (This should transition from part 1)
Identify those in a school who might be included in and excluded from the budgetary decision-making process. These persons would comprise a stakeholder team. Provide a rationale as to why you included/excluded each.
Discuss your justification for the items you choose to remove from the school budget and how you will meet the district requirements as you implement your plan of action. Consider the following:
How your plan will ensure that the appropriate stakeholders were involved in the process.
How your plan will be implemented.
How you identified the programs to be preserved.
How your plan ensures the continued educability of all in spite of the budget reductions.
How your plan continues to embrace the district’s vision of high standards of learning.
How your plan will be communicated effectively to staff, parents, students, and community members.
How your plan will determine the effectiveness of the cuts over time.
How your plan identifies alternative sources of funding to replace the funding lost.
I’d like both parts of the assignment to transition into each other, but I’d also like reader to distinguish separation between the two parts of the assignment . I’d like as much information and data as possible to be relevant to Trenton Public School Disrtict in Trenton, New Jersey.

Thank you

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Essay Instructions: "BUDGET airlines such as Air Asia X and Tiger Airways are slowly killing Australia's domestic tourism industry, a leading Australian travel agent has warned." Critically evaluate the above statement.
Assuming the Australian government accepted Singapore Airline Qantas merger to compete with the budget airlines. Would that be good outcome? Why and why not? Both sides should be discussed.

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Title: Budgeting Kudler Fine Foods Budget The budgeting

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Essay Instructions: Budgeting is an important internal activity. Preparing budgets involves forecasting sales and estimating costs. For this SLP, you will prepare a flexible budget for next year for the company of your choice. The budget needs to be realistic and based on corporate and economic trends.

Companies prepare budgets based on absorption and/or variable costing. Due to lack of information, we're limiting our budgeting to the absorption approach. Don't forget that the presentation of the information is important.

Set up the flexible budget showing three different growth rates. Use the financial statements and do research on the company of your choice to determine growth trends. Explain your estimates and prepare a flexible budget showing the low, the average, and the high revenues and adjust all other line items in the income statement to reflect the revised revenue assumptions.
?What is the growth rate in sales for the past three years?
?Are revenues and expenses growing at the same rate? What was the experience in the past few years?
?What is the current growth rate in the economy?
?How are the competitiors doing?
?Current interest rates and tax burdens.

Discuss the implications of the information after you have completed the flexible budget.

?How does the flexible budget differ from a static budget?
?Budgets are used for planning and control. Discuss how you can use the information derived for these two purposes?
?Comment on using this information for performance evaluations.

Modular SLP Assignment Expectations

Always include the name of the organization(s), time period covered and source of information. It is important to answer the questions as posed. The document should be from 2 to 4 pages and written in a clear and concise manner. Don't forget to include tables as required. Support your discussion or tables with references in APA format. You are encouraged to use Excel or other compatible spreadsheet when computations are involved. You can turn in the spreadsheet instead of the Word document. The content should be equivalent to the page length suggested for a word processing document.

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Title: Budgeting and Finance Uncovered and Applied

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Essay Instructions: Budgeting and Finance Uncovered and Applied

The three traditional sectors of the United States economy?government, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), and for-profit organizations?are similar in terms of financial and fiscal responsibilities. But while financial functions (e.g., strategic financial planning, accounting, etc.) largely are the same in these organizations, the public sector has unique characteristics that impact finance and budget administration. For example, public organizations are accountable to citizens and, sometimes, to higher levels of government. Therefore, the budget process includes and involves these two sets of stakeholders.

In this assignment, you will consider how finance and budgeting theories and concepts apply to a specific public organization.

To prepare for this assignment:
Select a public organization with which you are familiar?or of which someone you know is a part?for use in this assignment.*
Reflect on the budget and finance theories/concepts you read about and relate them to this specific organization. Consider how the various finance and budgeting concepts play out in the organization.
With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of a public organization with which you are familiar. Then explain how you might apply at least two basic finance and/or budgeting concepts or theories to the organization. Be sure to provide brief descriptions of each concept or theory and specific examples of how you might apply them.

Be sure to support your response with specific references to the resources

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