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Title: Britain Australia

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4342 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need some help with my essay, so I ask you to do some parts for me. My paper works on 6 Questions. I ask you to do 3 of them. I will write the introduction and the conclusion for my paper - for all 6 questions.
Hence, please help me to answer the 3 Question (each 4 pages):

1.Wouldn?t it be simpler for Britain to pay for the punishment of her criminals at home? Or what else is behind the ?Transportation??
The answer should include among others:
?Cost of Convicts 1786 ? 1800
?Convicts attitudes
?Benefits for Britain ? reduce of crime/trade/Asia

2.Can criminals reform themselves?
The answer should include among others:
?Who were the convicts?
?From criminals to hard workers
?Governor Macquarie

3.Is Australia still part of Britain and how does Britain think about Australians?
The answer should include among others:
?Relationship past and today, trade,newspaper article?, thoughts, ?

I am a non native English speaker. So please write in "easy" sentences.

citation style: footnotes

I've read the books and using them to answer the other questions:
Knightley,Phillip, Australia - A Biography of a Nation,2000
Shaw, A.G.L., Convicts & the colonies, 1998
Russel,Ward, Australia, 1967
Irving, Helen, To Constitute a Nation,1999
Macintyre, Stuart, A Concise History of Australia,1999
Feel free to use those books, but it is not requested!


Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Select and analyse 2 major events in British history that you think have dramatically affected the UK. Discuss how these events have affected both British society and also Britain?s international presence.

Justify your selection with reference to the wider literature.

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Title: Factors that cause Britain to lose its innovated edge by WWII

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1384 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Hi, I need to write an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY on the following topic: At the end of World War I, Britain led the world in doctrinal and technological innovations in such fields as armored and aircraft carrier warfare. Analyze factors that caused Britain to lose its innovative edge in these areas by World War II.

The paper needs to be a double-spaced, 4 page essay that includes documentation (endnotes or footnotes but not in-text citations). The essay must be in typed form, with Times New Roman font size 11 and 1 inch margins.

The essay must identify the topic you are/I am addressing.

You must cite all sources. The essay is an original, ARGUMENTATIVE paper that will conform to the writing standards specified in Annexes A, B, and C, and in ST 22-2 (June 2010). (I will send this manual.)


Assessment is on your/my ability to use history as a tool for informing professional judgment, on citing specific historical examples to support your argument, and on presenting your conclusions IN THE FORMAT SPECIFIED BY THE ANNEXES.

Please note that in-text, parenthetic citation of sources is NOT acceptable under any circumstances.

I will also include the outline I submitted to my instructor regarding this assignment for use in writing this ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY.

Thank you,
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Historiography

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1648 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Using the following three books, Imagined Communities, Beyond Imagined Communities, and The Island Race tied with the notion of the development of a community with shared or common cultural media that generate a sense of communal self-awareness or consciousness. "This is what my professor told me so please follw this,"remember that this is not a paper on British history and that your task would be to analyze the different theoretical approaches to the conceptualization/study of national identity using Britain as a model. The books you mention here would give you a first start, but I think you need to cast your net a bit more broadly and get a sense of the debates in the field before you narrow your focus for writing." these three books are mandatory, it woudl be great if you can use more, even if its just a quote. My professor is more than up on these books, he has read them all, so he will know if research has not been done, he will also know when something was copied, not that you woudl do this, my point is that he is very aware of everything in these books, please make it about historiography and not history, any and all questions please email me, I am just a little nervous about this paper b/c of teh professor, so If I am not clear please let me know. basically use the books and more that I mentioned and do what I quoted the prof on, what he says is what i need, thanks

Excerpt From Essay:

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