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Title: Breastfeeding among South Asian Immigrant women

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Essay Instructions: The topic of my literature review would be "Breastfeeding among South Asian Immigrant women". i want to get a complete picture of what the literature says about breastfeeding among the South Asian immigrant population in Canada. I want to explore the relative low rates of breastfeeding among this group, discuss how culture might shape low committment to breastfeeding and what can be done to promote breastfeeding among this group while still taking cultural background & issues and influences into consideration. My argument is focused on understanding of the cultural link between culture and breastfeeding practice among South Asian immigrant women in Canada.
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Breastfeeding Among South Asian Immigrant Women

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Title: Breastfeeding

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Essay Instructions: I need a custom 500 word comparison/contrast study on two breastfeeding research studies. (Current, published within the last two years). They must be a similar topic. The paper needs to address the following:
Types of studies
Is the hypothesis clearly stated
How was the population selected and is it appropriate
Were there enough subjects
Were the subjects of homogenous quality
If randomized, what methods were used and did the subjects possess similar characteristics
Was blinding used or could the results be skewed by personal knowledge
Were assumptions made
Is the data true and accurate or could it be manipulated
Did the researcher prove causality
Are the results relevant clinically
Did the conclusions match the results
Are the results applicable to other groups or the population as a whole

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Title: Does skin to skin contact promote breastfeeding in neonates

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Essay Instructions: Evidence Based Paper approaching the problem/question using five evidence based practice guidelines

The question I would like to address is whether skin to skin contact promote breastfeeding in preterm and term neonates.

Evaluated on the following criteria
Overall quality of writing 25 points
Clinical question 15 points
Review of Evidence 20 points
Critical appraisal of evidence 40 points

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Renfrew, M. et al. (2009). Breastfeeding promotion for infants in neonatal units: a systematic review. Child: care, health and development, 36 (2), pp.165 -- 178.

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Title: Breastfeeding

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Essay Instructions: A two page review of a current research study published in the past two years on breastfeeding.
The paper needs-
type of study
would you use this study as a reference in the classroom
what are its flaws
what are its strengths
did the abstract match what the published study actually proved?

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