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Title: Breast Implants

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Essay Instructions: After reading Case 6.1, ?Breast Implants,? discuss the following:
What does the breast implant controversy reveal about society?s attitudes toward product safety, about the legal liability of manufacturers, and about the role of regulatory agencies like the FDA in protecting consumers?

After reading Case 6.2, ?Hot Coffee at McDonald?s,? discuss the following:
Is hot coffee so dangerous, as the jury thought? Should a reasonable consumer be expected to know that coffee can burn and to have assumed this risk? Is a warning label sufficient? Is our society too protective of consumers these days, or not protective enough?
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Breast Implants. (n.d.).

Hot Coffee at McDonalds. (n.d.).

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Title: Biomaterials Breast Implants

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Essay Instructions: Written Paper Guidelines
5 pages with bibliography about your theme based upon scientific knowledge.
Paper must be scientifically accurate and the references must be in the correct format and appropriate for the theme.

Life science theme: Biomaterials
Civic issue: Breast Implants

1. Define the life science theme and civic issue. Explain its complexities and capricious nature remembering to note that is an unsolved problem.
2. Identify the variables of the issue. Refer to the scientific method when you do this.
3. Suggest several hypotheses as a solution(s). Explain how each hypothesis would solve the problem or just mitigate the severity of the problem. I MUST DEMONSTRATE THE EXPERIMENT TO PEOPLE. PLEASE HAVE A SECTION IN THE PAPER TALKING ABOUT HOW TO DEMONSTRATE THE EXPERIMENT.
4. What are the outcomes of your solution in terms of life science and as a civic concern? What actions would you propose as a follow up? How does this affect? Who does this effect?
Excerpt From Essay:

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Title: Plastic Surgery

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Essay Instructions: I need to write my research paper on the topic of Plastic Surgery. I am arguing FOR plastic surgery, saying that i think that its beneficial to women and it needs to be stated why, by not using too many statistics. I mainly want to focus on breast implants and facelifts and why its beneficial to women now-a-days. I want to explain the history of it, but i don't want this paper to be just informative i need it to be interesting... i DON'T need more then 2 pages on the history of breast implants and facelifts. I also want to mention its current techniques and possible side effects that might occur. All information quoted or phrased must be cited using parenthesis. My thesis is that i want to explain the effects on breast implants, facelifts, and women?s perspective on surgery in today?s society, but i want it to blend in on why plastic surgery is beneficial. Please do not use any big words that i would need to re-phrase, i really want this paper to be more realistic rather than just stating information. Cannot cite more than 3 INTERNET sources on my works cited page..... Paper must be written MLA style.
Excerpt From Essay:

Agarwal, Pawan. Perception of Plastic Surgery in the Society.

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