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Title: breast cancer

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Essay Instructions: This paper is based on a community health project. I have selected breast cancer awareness for my topic. I will be presenting this topic in a community health setting. There are three specific sections to this paper. The first, the introduction should introduce the population and the topic of the paper. The intro needs to provide some supporting demographics and relevant statistics about the population and the problem in general. It must include pertinent infomation from Healthy People 2010 pertaining to breast cancer. The introduction should be approximately 2 pages. The next section is the intesgrated review of research. Summarize the research conducted on this topic in general and research conducted on breast cancer with the affected population group as subjects. Describe what is known and unknown about this topic and this population group. Identify research-based health promotion/disease prevention programs previously utilized or currently being utilized regarding this topic and group and explain how effective these programs are; determine the various resources that exist at the national, state (IL), and local(Madison county) level to prevent or manage this problem. This would include government agencies such as county health dept., state health dept, CDC, National Institute of Health, etc.; The paper needs to specify local resources (Madison County) that are available. Discuss where gaps or inconsistencies exist. In essence the literature review shoudl be providing support for implementing the community health project. Conclude this section with a discussion of the rationale for breast cancer awareness. This section is the bulk of the paper
The third section basically states the long-term goals of breast cancer awareness; it also must state the specific behavioral objectives for breast cancer awareness.
This paper will be scanned into a plagarism screening program.
The paper must follow the most recent publication of APA format. Please keep in mind this paper will not be published.
I would write this paper; but, I have 2 other papers that are due ~ the same time. I truly appreciate your efforts in this paper-it is very important to me. Thank you.

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SEER Stat Fact Sheets.

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Title: Breast Cancer

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Essay Instructions: Write a 3 page paper discussing Breast Cancer. Include the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and nursing interventions, and implications for nursing practice.

The paper should be typed using APA format, double-spaced with one inch margins.

Please use Understanding Pathophysiology 4th Ed. as one of the references.

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Breast cancer

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Title: Breast Cancer Treatments

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Essay Instructions: Must be written in first person.

You must use a minimum of SIX sources for this paper. Your works cited page must have complete bibliographic information, in proper MLA format, on all sources mentioned in the paper. You must have at least one of each of the following types of sources:book (print or online), journal or newspaper article (exists in print somewhere), article/essay accessed online (exists in print, but you access it online, such as in a database), internet site (the content exists only in cyberspace ??" not a print article posted online)

A quote and in-text citations for each and every source listed which point to the first word for each source of the Works Cited page. (minimum 6 quotes)

The paper must be divided in the following sections:

Here is the introduction:
I know there are many treatments for breast cancer including chemotherapy, radiation, and the dreaded mastectomy. I chose this topic because I am positive there are other treatments for breast cancer out there. I want to know what they are and how effective are the treatments. Are there still treatments undergoing tests or clinical trials? Have the treatments been done here in the United States?
My mother died from breast cancer when she thirty-three which is not much older than I am right now. I know technology and treatments have gotten better over the last twenty-five years. I am just afraid I’ll get breast cancer too and do not want to die from this disease like she did. I want to be able to see my two daughters graduate from high school, grow up into beautiful women, have families of their own, and see my future grandchildren.
By doing the research for this paper I will have a better idea of what treatments are currently available if I do end up getting this dreadful disease. With this added knowledge I can help make sure all possible treatments are tried with my care. Hopefully I will never need to ask a doctor for any of these treatments in the future.

Searching: This section is the story of your hunt. Describe the research done.

Finding: This section, which should be informative and fact filled, should be the longest part of the paper. This is where you’ll incorporate quotes, using MLA format for citations.

Conclusion: What do you plan to do with this information? How will it help you to make a more informed decision? How will what you learned impact your life?

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Title: Breast Cancer Research and Awareness

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  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: the Following is the assignment:

? You will compare and analyze one news report and one academic/scholarly article that cover the same specific event or issue. The news report may come from newspapers, news magazines, or other easily accessed news organizations, and you may find these reports online or a library database; in a print version or broadcast.
? The academic/scholarly article must come from a peer-reviewed journal related to the field of study. (You may not re-use the news article from the previous assignment. (I previously used the article from Time Magazine "The Changing Face Of Breast Cancer"( October 15,2007) If a news article on your topic is hard to find, you may use an academic/scholarly article that contains an opposing view point from your own.)
? Given the first point, these reports will probably have appeared on the same day or very close in time. And they should be roughly similar in length ??' if one is much longer than the other, they will not work for this assignment.

Now, the crucial question, “what are you going to do with these reports?” you are going to identify some points of comparison and for each point you compare, you are going to analyze the comparison. Ask ‘why is the difference I’ve seen important?’ With each difference or contrast between stories, you will ask ‘what difference does that make?’
Your points of comparison may involve such questions as:
? What are the titles given to each article?
? What details do both stories include, and what details appear in only one?
? How do the stories give different emphasis to certain points, either by spending more time on a point or by placing a certain point earlier in the story?
? Who is quoted in each story, what quotes are used? Are certain quotes used in both; if so, does one story offer more of the person’s words?
? If the stories present different views of the issue from various people or groups, how much time is given to each of these different views?
? The single most important part of this may involve language. Look at every example you can find of different word choices and descriptive language for the events, the people involved, anything included in both articles that the writers have used some different language to describe or explain.

Additional Requirements
1. The essays introduction must clearly identify the focus of the article and must clearly identity each article ??' who wrote it, what is the title, where did it appear?
2. Each body paragraph must have a clear point of comparison and must give some time to examine how each writer dealt with some point. Do not simply summarize the articles!
3. Each body paragraph must briefly, directly quote from the articles. Quotes will be phrase or sentence length. Longer quotes will not allow for full and detailed analysis

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2010 from:

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