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Title: School Breakfast Clubs on Children's Health And

Total Pages: 8 Words: 3384 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please use ref McDermott Ormrod fourth edition and articles or journals I could access through the Internet. Thank you
? The impact of school breakfast clubs on children?s health and well-being ? Teachers and parents perception of a child?s intelligence

Write a research report (maximum of 2500 words) by following the steps below:
1. Create an inquiry question for the topic
2. Collect qualitative data from a semi-structured conversation with 2-3 people (either
parents, teachers or health professionals). You will need to formulate questions
related to your research topic.
3. Source quantitative data from published research studies relevant to the topic 4. Analyse your findings and consider the educational implications.
Structure your report with the following headings:


Approx (100-150 words)

? Describe and define the topic of your inquiry. Include the inquiry question and why it is interesting/important. The introduction should present a clear account of the reasoning behind or purpose of your inquiry.

Background information
(Approx 500 words)

? Provide relevant information on the topic from other sources. Include a brief review of past work in the area, including citations from published work and an explanation of the theoretical or practical reasons for completing the inquiry.

(100- 150 words)
Limitations of the Inquiry Design
(100-150 words)
? Describe the methods used to collect your data. Consider:
o Howdidyouconducttheinquiry?(Inquiryquestionscanbe
listed in the appendix)
o Whoweretheparticipants?Howmanyandwhytheywere
selected? Gaining consent to use the information.
o Howyousourcedthequantitativedataforcomparison ? Include a paragraph (100-150 words) on the limitations of the
inquiry design - Consider what your questions or methods did not include or why they may have not given you the information you sought.
(250-300 words)

? Present your findings as a comparative table or graph comparing the qualitative and quantitative results.
? Provide a brief description of what the table presents.

Discussion and Analysis
(600-700 words)
? Interpret the findings and discuss what they mean. Does the data collected support or refute your inquiry?
? Relate your findings to those in the published articles/research

Educational Implications
(Approx 400 words)

? What implications could your findings have for teaching and learning?

(Approx 150 words)
? Summarise and highlight significant elements of this task ? perhaps include suggestions for further research.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Breakfast Club

Total Pages: 2 Words: 488 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Discussion of diversity issue/s related to present day society found within the movie "The Breakfast Club"
• Discussion of the potential impact the diversity issue/s (not the movie) could have on society

2 Pages/Double Spaced/12pt. font

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: adolescent development in the movie the breakfast club

Total Pages: 3 Words: 984 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Only sources to be used are the movie, The Breakfast CLub, and the following book
Arnett, J. J. (2013). Adolescence and emerging adulthood: A cultural approach (5th edition). NJ: Prentice Hall.

Adolescent Development:
(Freud, Erikson)
(Piaget, Binet, Kohlberg)
•Behavioral/Social Learning Theory
(Pavlov, Skinner, Bandura, Watson)
(Bronfenbrenner, Vygotsky, Ogbu, Cooper)

Think about how some (doesn't need to be all, select a couple to focus on) these theories might apply to
the teenagers in the movie (Jock, Nerd,
Criminal, Prom Queen, Social Outcast)

Other ideas to loosely follow as you see fit...

What are some of the common adolescent
issues that each of these teens faced?

How did their parents/family have an
influence on their development?

How did the cliques they belonged to
have an influence on their sense of

Some researchers argue that peers take
the place of parents during adolescence.
Critique this theory. What are two
“bridges” that can help teens make
transitions across their worlds of
family, school and peers?

What are some suggestions to help enhance
their adolescent development and facilitate
healthy psychological outcomes for each of
the teenagers in the movie?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Group Dynamic Concepts Theories and Research

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1526 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Individual Term Project
You are to view a classic film and analyze it relative to different group dynamic concepts, theories, and research (GDCTRs) that might be observed in it. The written analysis, consisting of a 3 to 5 page paper.

Identify 8 or more GDCTRs, explain/define each, and then provide an example/explanation from the film for each.

What is a GDCTR?
A GDCTR is a single, uniquely defined concept, theory or piece of research. The term role ambiguity is a single idea, and therefore a single GDCTR. Tuckman’s five stage model of group development is also a single idea, NOT five individual ideas. As a whole it is considered a single GDCTR with multiple terms that all deal with the same underlying dimension of group development. Another example of a single GDCTR with multiple parts is entitativity. It is a single concept, which has three factors contributing to it: common fate, similarity, and proximity.

The Paper's Format
Provide a brief introduction for the paper at the beginning, but do not write a summary of the film. In the body, provide a section for each GDCTR identified in the film as follows:

GDCTR 1: Topic
Explanation of concept: Provide an explanation of GDCTR 1 in this section.
Application of concept: Illustrate how GDCTR 1 relates to the film.

GDCTR 2: Topic
Explanation of concept: Provide an explanation of GDCTR 2 in this section.
Application of concept: Illustrate how GDCTR 2 relates to the film.

Repeat this format for the remainder to the paper for however many GDCTRs were used. Then provide a brief concluding paragraph which reflects on the process involved with this assignment.

Pick one film listed below and at least 8 of the GDCTR’s list below.

Film Choices
• Apollo 13
Breakfast Club
• Bridge on the River Kwai
• Dead Poets Society

Group Dynamic Concepts, Theories, and Research (GDCTR)
1. Ambiguity
2. Tuckman’s Five Stage Model of Group Development
a. Forming
b. Storming
c. Norming
d. Performing
e. Adjourning
3. Entitativity
a. Common Fate
b. Similarity
c. Proximity
4. Ostracism
5. Social Identity Theory
6. Big Five Theory
a. Extraversion
b. Agreeableness
c. Conscientiousness
d. Neuroticism
e. Openness to Experience
7. Attachment Style
a. High Anxiety
b. High Avoidance
c. Low Anxiety
d. Low Avoidance
8. Teamwork
9. Norms
a. Prescriptive
b. Proscriptive
c. Descriptive
d. Injunctive
10. Role Differentiation
a. Task
b. Relationship
c. Individual
11. Group Socialization
12. Role Fit
13. Systematic Multiple Level Observation of Groups (SYMLOG)
14. Social Impact Theory
15. Crutchfield Situation
16. Power Base
a. Reward
b. Coercive
c. Legitimate
d. Referent
e. Expert
f. Informational
17. Great Leader Theory
18. Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX)
19. Zajonc’s Drive Theory
20. Distraction-Conflict Theory
21. Collective Information Processing Model
22. KAS (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)
23. Social Values Orientation

Excerpt From Essay:

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