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Instructions for Border Security College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: 1. Requirement is to write an argumentative four page paper (1-Abstract page and 3-page paper) choosing the PRO/FOR side of the controversy and attempt to convince the audience to agree with your argument. This paper need to be written based upon the provided Thesis Statement should provide the reasons FOR/PRO/Why we should based upon the four level one headings provided below.

2. The paper "Thesis Statement" is provided; ensure the "Thesis Statement" is included in the paper in bold type in the ABSTRACT, Introductory paragraph and Conclusion paragraph.

3. The paper must have the below:

• Abstract: (1-page)
• Argumentative paper (3-pages) based on the above criteria and the provided Thesis Statement.
• Reference Page: (Minimum of 3-sources) (See below for possible resources)
• Four (4) - Level One Heading - Mission, Objective of Border Control, Security of Southern Border, and Conclusion (all in bold type)

Some possible resources

• The Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986 (Title 10, USC, Section 161).
• The National Security Strategy of the United States of America.
• National Defense Strategy of the United States of America.
• National Defense Authorization Act.
• National Military Strategy.
• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
• US Coast Guard
• JTF North
• Homeland security presidential directives
• Chamizal National Park

4. Again, the paper must have 4-Level One Heading (all in bold type); the conclusion will be a level one heading (in bold type). Ensure all level one headings are in bold type. Three argumentative pages written within the broad contemporary topic of "The United States objective and implementation of border control measures along its shared border with Mexico leaves room for improvement of security. These improvements would result in better protection of the citizens of both countries. Border security improvements could be made in the areas of the mission, Objective of Border Control, and Security of Southern Border.”

* minimize using the passive voice (as much as possible) and ensure the paper is written in the active voice.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: After watching the interview with Karina Ordonez, Arizona Governor?s Officer of Homeland Security answer the following question: What types of border security issues relate to homeland security, according to both Karina Ordonez and your own experience?
What types of border security issues relate to homeland security, according to both Karina Ordonez and your own experience?
Do you feel the Patriot Act infringes on your civil rights?

Oliver, W. (2006). Homeland security for policing (1st ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Airport Security Post-9/11: Striking a

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2149 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research Paper Checklist
1. The paper should be an analysis of an issue critical to the development of
the theory and practice of homeland security where the student
researches the issue, and prepares his or her original thoughts and at
least one credible recommendation related to future Homeland Security
policy. The recommendation should be part of the conclusion.
2. Review the assignment instructions before submitting your papers. Ensure
that your paper begins with a proper introductory paragraph, which
includes a strong topic sentence, supporting context for the topic sentence
and thesis statement, and the thesis statement as the last sentence of this
3. Ensure that your paper ends with a proper conclusion that includes how
the paper defended it thesis statement.
4. The analysis of ideas, positions taken (based on the research), and writing
must be clear and organized.
5. Use quotes and paraphrasing appropriately, and support positions taken
based on your sources. REMEMBER, the writer is not allowed to be a
source for the paper.
6. First person narrative is not allowed in formal writing and papers unless it
is being quoted and referenced. Examples include, “I think, I recommend,
we should, etc.” In addition, avoid using personal pronouns in generally
since they are often used incorrectly. For example, students might write,
“We should tighten border security” when in fact, they are not employed by
the Border Patrol. “We should strengthen the laws dealing with whatever,”
when in fact, they are not members of the legislative body that passes
such laws.
7. Research papers must adhere to the APA Style guidelines. If you are not
familiar with the APA, take some time and review them. It is imperative
that students reference the work of others properly. Papers submitted
without in-text citations will not be graded.
8. The paper must be 2,000 words long, not counting the “Title” page and
“Works Cited” page and no longer than 2,500 words.
9. Ensure the amount of copied material in the paper does not exceed 30%
(not counting the “Works Cited” page).
10. Papers must be based on at least six, and preferably eight to ten credible
sources, which are properly listed on the Works Cited page and
referenced by citations according to the APA format.
11. Papers must be submitted in MS Word, preferably 2007, or 2010 format.
Students should not use formats other than “.docx” or “.doc.”
12. Submit your paper to Turnitin before submitting it for grading. In addition,
review carefully the assessment report for your paper and make sure you
reconcile any instances of copied material identified to ensure they are
properly referenced. It usually takes less than hour (often, less than ten
minutes) for Turnitin to review papers. By submitting your paper for
grading through the Assignments section of the classroom, you
acknowledge having reviewed the Turnitin assessment and having
documented all sources appropriately. There may be instances where
you disagree with parts of the assessment. Just make sure that you
reconcile any instances of disagreement.
13. Avoid losing credit due to careless grammatical and spelling errors.
Students should use the Spelling and Grammar Checking function in MS
Word as part of their proof reading process. I use it automatically when
16. The paper should adhere to a consistent format
? Typewritten in double-spaced format with a readable style and font,
and submitted in MS Word
? Arial or Times New Roman styles, 11 or 12-point font
? Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Military Defence Spending

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1965 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is for a one section of a research paper. The sections position is for incresed defense spending. The following three areas need to be covered:

(1) Efficiency - Does the policy help maximize the benefits that can be obtained from given resources or minimize the costs of obtaining given goals
(2) Equality - Is the policy fair to all members of the society? Keep in mind that the corporation is also a member of society.
(3) Liberty - Does the policy give the right to choice, free from force, threat or coercion by others?

Efficiency, Equality, and Liberty need to be explained in relation to the following areas of defense spending.

(1)US global interests
*Weak unstable goverments
*Us no longer has geographical immunity
(2)US allies
*UN roles
(3)Homeland security
*Border security
*Roles in air travel
*Defense scientists
(4)World policing
*Global roles in areas of unrest
*Militart strikes / actions
*Humanitarian support

I need this in MS word format

Excerpt From Essay:

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