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Title: Immigration into the US from Mexican

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1705 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: My topic is on the benefits of allowing legal migration from Mexico to the us and the damaging effects of not allowing legal migration and the problems and dangers that have come from the increased border patrols. The paper needs to be in argumentative format, but must have a small portion explaining the opposing viewpoint. The must consist of no more than 1/3 in text quotes and paraphases and must come from 7 different references (3 books, 3 journals, and anything else). The paper must be written in MLA style and have a works cited page.

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Title: Media Assigment Border Patrol in San Diego

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Essay Instructions: The first part of the assigment is to locate a recent (withing the last 3 months) newspaper article about a street-level bureaucrazy (for example: police, border patrol, teachers, etc)
Students will submit a 2 page paper that:
1) identifies a local street level bureaucrazy
2) Provides a summary of the newspaper article
3) Identifies at least 3 concepts discussed in the book "street level bureaucrazy" By: Michael Lipsky, 1980
and discusses the practice implications associated with each concept.
4) the paper is well written and easy to understand, good grammar and spelling are a must.
Papers should be typed, doubled-spaced, and no shorter or no longer than 3 pages. Please cut out and attach the newspaper article to your paper.
The second part of the assigment is to contact the agency represented in the article to ask a worker directly how they deal with the concepts selected by the student and what implications for both client and worker are. (IN MY CASE:CONTACT SAN DIEGO BORDER PATROL)I WILL BE FAXING THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE TITLE: "BORDER PATROL CHIEF SAYS AGENTS NEED BROAD POWER" *****PLease dont forget to summarize my article because it is part of the assigment. thanks
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Title: Dronesunmanned Aerial Systems UAVs and violation of citizen's privacy constitutional rights

Total Pages: 40 Words: 12745 Bibliography: 25 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The research question is

“How the development of technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs) has improved the government's objective of defy and counter terrorist attacks inside and outside the United States, but still affecting citizen's privacy constitutional rights.”?


The research should focus that it's essential to continue with the use of drones inside and outside the US for intelligence collection, military operations, and surveillance along our borders.

1. Stop the use of UAVs:
------ In the US: Will create more vulnerabilities along our borders.
------Combat zone: will increase enemy combat operations eliminating the psychological effect of a drone strike. More IED's along roads, more casualties.
2. New Legislation addressing concerns of citizen's privacy constitutional rights

Introduction -

Statement of the problem -

The use and deployment of UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for attack missions in a military theater and surveillance in an active combat environment as well as domestic surveillance operations has been a topic racked in controversy. This subject, not only involves the ethical use of such new technology, but also a myriad of military battlefield, moral, psychological and privacy in domestic deployment situations. It can be wrongly used to violate the citizen’s constitutional rights to privacy and unfair government involvement in non-violent or criminal domestic affairs to the use of such technology. This paper will examine the controversy at hand and examine the validity of these arguments regarding the concerns of not only private citizens and international organizations, but also the military and federal la

Literature review -
- Current issues and legislation in the US regarding the use of drones inside the US as a method of intelligence collection
- Issues related with the use of drones in Afghanistan and Iraq for military operations. How the use of drones help protect soldiers lives, find IED's along roads.
- Controversies conducting drone strikes and causing collateral damage and killing innocent civilians.
- Mention how border patrol agents are using UAVs to help protect our borders.
- Psychological effect on enemy combatant who knows drones can strike at any moment - it helps in diminishing enemy operations in a combat zone

Theoretical Framework -
The primary method for information gathering will be research conducted on the internet from publicly available sources, research conducted from books, magazines, and other publicly available publications, and research gathered from the Open Source Center which is available to members of the U.S. government. By analyzing the available information we will attempt to analyze the true impact of the widespread utilization of drones in the combat environment and hope to best implement the widespread introduction of UAV technologies in the domestic airspace while legislating governmental regulations and guidelines to prevent the unlawful use and abuse of the technology by the government and private parties alike for illegal citizen surveillance, conducting drone air strikes on domestic soil, or other potentially unlawful purposes.

Research Design -
The paper will focus exclusively in the qualitative analysis of available literature and research to best determine the state of the UAV industry and its possible future, how to best address the current technological limitations, high civilian casualties of air strikes involving drones, and a working framework for the proliferation of UAV use in the domestic front for commercial as well as governmental uses.

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Essay Instructions: Resarch paper on United State Border War on Drugs (MLA style)
I.Background and history of borders
II. Trafficking System
A.Where drugs come from and types of drugs
B.Transportion of drugs into United States
C.Money made from drugs
III.Smuggling Activites
A.Drug Trafficking cartels
IV.Homeland Security Agenies
A. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
B. U.S. Coast Guard
C. State and Law Enforcement Agencies
V. Equipment and Technologies used
B.Ports on Entry
B.Technological limitations

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