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Title: Book of Revelation

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Essay Instructions: Book Review ? A 12 page book review of a "sacred scripture" (The Book of Revelation from the Bible). The book review is to be of the sacred scripture itself (not of a book about the sacred scripture) and must follow the standard guidelines below (important: the assignment is to write a book review, not a book report):
a. Introduction (6 marks)
i. A general description of the book: title, author, subject and format. Here you can include details about who the author is and where he/she stands in this field of inquiry. You can also link the title to the subject to show how the title explains the subject matter.
ii. A brief summary of the purpose of the book and its general argument or theme. Include a statement about who the book is intended for.
iii. Your thesis about the book: is it a suitable/appropriate piece of writing about the problem for the audience it has identified?
b. Summary of Content (2 marks):
i. This can be done in the same way that it is done for the simple book report (do not spend too much time or paper on this section, as the analysis and evaluation of content is more important than a simple summary).
c. Analysis of Text (10 marks):
i. What is the writer's style: simple/technical, persuasive/logical?
ii. How well does the organizational method (comparison/contrast; cause/effect; analogy; persuasion through example) develop the argument or theme of the book? (Give examples to support your analysis.)
iii. What evidence does the book present to support the argument? How convincing is this evidence? (Select pieces of evidence that are weak, or strong, and explain why they are such.)
iv. How complete is the argument?
v. Are there facts and evidence that the author has neglected to consider? (You may need to refer to other relevant material)
d. Evaluation of the Text (6 marks):
i. Give a brief summary of all the weakness and strengths you have found in the book. Does it do what it set out to do?
ii. Evaluate the book's overall usefulness to the audience it is intended for.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bible, King James. Revelation, from the holy Bible, King James version

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Title: Ways of Reading the Book of Revelation

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Essay Instructions: essay (1000 words). Please follow the following criteria below in writing this essay:

The assignment is to provide the student's own reading of the book of Revelation. This can take a variety of forms. One could continue in the pattern the course has followed and write a summary of Revelation using the latest critical sources and commentaries, in much the same manner as we approached the parables of Jesus. Or one could write a poetic treatment of the book, or a short story, or even a play. All of these would be acceptable. The reason that all of these formats are fine for this is that the book of Revelation is a text filled to the brim with a rich symbolism that is not found elsewhere in the New Testament. Because of this, Revelation (and it is Revelation, not Revelations) has for many centuries been read in an imaginative manner. Thus it is appropriate that we focus on its evocative qualities even as we read in our text by Stephen Harris all of the historical critical information about the book. Basically, the question boils down to this: How do you read the book of Revelation? What does it mean to you? What does it evoke to you? Is it about the future? Is it about the past? Is it fantasy or fiction? How does it move or sadden or anger you? These are but a few of the issues that Revelation might raise for you. I want to be absolutely clear that because you are writing about your reaction to the book, you will not be graded lower for having this or that perspective. What matters is that you complete the assignment in the spirit in which it was assigned and that you write well and passionately.
Excerpt From Essay:

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Title: 1000 years of Revelation 20:1-6

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Essay Instructions: After researching material on the 1000 years of Revelation 20:1-6(the Millennium), write a paper supporting the millennial view that you believe is best supported by scripture. Because this topic is both exegetical (in reference to Revelation 20:1-6) and theological (in reference to millennial systems), you may extend your biblical research beyond the confines of the book of Revelation. Specifically, be sure to describe the details pertaining to the nature of the millennium, the timing of the millennium (in relation to the Second Coming of Christ), the duration of the millennium, the occupants of the millennial kingdom, and the relationship of Israel and the church to the millennial kingdom. In the process of writing your paper, make sure that you interact with the other views (other than your own) and make sure that you provide some reasons why you do not support alternate viewpoints. If you believe that there are strengths in each viewpoint, you are free to reference those strengths; if you do not believe that you can be conclusive at this point in time, yo can take an undecided position.

I would prefer this paper take the undecided position and be written from the Evangelical Christian perspective.
Excerpt From Essay:

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Title: Bible

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Essay Instructions: (A) Describe some of the basic principles you would follow in attempting to interpret the book of Revelation. (B) What is God communicating to his human creation by including this book in the New Testament? (C) What comfort or encouragement can you find in the book of Revelation? Please remember to cite scriptures to support statements.

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