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Title: CREATINE or GLUTAMINE as a dietary supplement

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Essay Instructions: You will be required to research a nutrition topic on benefits of creatine OR glutamine (choose one of them) benefits as a dietary supplement for athletes or bodybuilding. You must collect at least three research** articles on your topic, from accredited journals, i.e. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition or JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) or any of the other journals available at the library or on the library’s database.

**internet links
**Research articles must have subjects, methods, experiments and conclusions. It must be the original research NOT an article about research. Not all articles in journals are original research, choose carefully.

The final project will consist of the following components:

- Well Developed Topic

- Summary of Topic (1-2 paragraphs)

- A summary of your topic of choice, including the issues of concern or what research is being done and why.

- Write a brief summary of each research article including who the subjects were, how many subjects were involved, what exactly was being studied, how the study was set up and what the results and conclusions were (a paragraph or so on each article.)

- Then you must write your own conclusion on the topic relating to the research you just read and what you learned from your readings. (What were the overall conclusions
for all 3 articles, were they different, why do you think so?
Where do you think future research should go in this area?
What is your OPINION about the research?)

**Research articles must have subjects, methods, experiments and conclusions. It must be the original research NOT an article about research. Not all articles in journals are original research, choose carefully.

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Essay Instructions: You are the Lead Surgeon in a major hospital, and by virtue of your seniority you are also the key decision maker for transplant cases. Right now you have three people who are waiting and hoping for a suitable heart to become available. Your call phone rings suddenly, and you are notified that a heart has become available?meaning that you need to make a quick yet sound decision about which patient will receive the heart and then schedule surgery for today.
There is a lot at stake. The decision must be made almost immediately. Like all actions, you will need to write your decision into medical documentation before you begin. Yes, that means YOU!
In the limited time before you would begin surgery, you need to consider the cases; the technical issues involved also, and write a Memorandum for the Record to document what decision you made and what considerations you included in your process. This will be on the record, so it needs to be thorough in case it needs to justify your actions at a later date.

The patients are:
Jerry ? Male, 55 years old family man, mid-level manager
Jerry, a father of 3 children and at the age of 55, is in the Ward awaiting a suitable heart for transplanting. His wife Joanie is a stay at home mother with no education beyond high school and no career. Jerry is the middle level manager at a carpet distributing business and 5 year short of his retirement eligibility. Jerry and Joanie have three teenage children aged 14, 16, and 19. The 19 year old is a sophomore at college; the 14 year old is mildly autistic, and the 16 year old is an astronaut wannabe. If Jerry gets the heart, his chances of living another 10-15 years are very high. His heart is damaged due to the use of steroids in his early 20s when he was involved with bodybuilding before the dangers of steroid use were fully known.

Lisa ? Female, 12 years old lifelong health issues
Lisa is one of those precocious girls ? a doll-like girl at the edge of becoming a teenager. She reads voraciously and yet likes the activities of a younger girl
playing with her Barbie Doll. She has suffered health issues all her life due to various viral infections and a lupus-like immune deficiency. Her heart was damaged during a nasty bout with pneumonia last year and actually stopped for a brief period. Her mother knew to begin CPR on her or she would have died there. Even with a transplant, her chances of surviving into her 20s are not good. She is the only child in the family, and they cannot bear more children. Her parents will do anything for her, and they have offered to donate $2 million to the hospital?s construction of specialized facilities if she can get a heart soon enough. Her father is also a noted oncologist working in the same hospital but in a different department.

Ozzy -- Male, 38 years old homeless drug abuser
Ozzie is a single 38 year old man with no family. He has lived homeless and in shelters for at least a decade. He was brought to the Hospital through the work of a local charity that assists such men with no assets or insurance. His heart condition is due to continued abuse and overdosing of crack cocaine, and without a transplant he will not live out the month. In recent months, Ozzie has become involved with troubled teens at a local homework and tutoring hangout, and he has provided the wisdom and insight that only an abuser can know about where life can go. He has signed a contract with the same charity that, if he gets the transplant, he will continue working at the after-school homework hangout as a counselor-mentor for at least one year after the transplant. With the transplant and successful staying off the drugs, he could live another 10 years ? maybe more. Recidivism is a severe risk with his history of abuse, and if he returns to using crack he would quickly damage the new heart and die within months.

Dr. Doe -- Male, 35 years old Lisa?s Dad, the oncologist
Dr. Jonathan Doe is Lisa?s father. He has offered the hospital $2 Million Dollars in exchange that his daughter gets the heart transplant. He is an up-and-coming oncologist in the same hospital He is loyal and totally committed to Lisa While not obnoxious and pushy, his presence is keenly felt around the professional community in the Hospital and there is a need for his $2 Million.
*I want to choose Lisa as the patient.

*Requirements - Include in the document the utilitarian ethical philosophy of John Stuart Mill and John Locke and use both of those philosophies to bolster your decision. This paper will be at least two double spaced pages but limited to three pages. Remember both professional written form and potential audience, as well as tone when writing this sensitive paper

Excerpt From Essay:

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