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Title: Alternative rock meanings

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Essay Instructions: Ok so I did this project all wrong. I need to have a alternative rock song rom 1985 to 1999 figure out the meaning of it and then write a memoir that would be placed in a time capsule. I have spent the better part of my weekend trying to find a song I can write about. I originally wrote about the war using a song but it was a song produced not in this time frame.
AT this point my other work is suffering because i am stuck trying to re-do this and I have no good ideas. I am 18 college freshman so the 1990's were a time that I was just born and too young to relate to what might have been happening.
Any help would be appreciated. I know I am asking for a quick turn around but I am hoping to complete this tomorrow evening. Here is the assignments instructions:

?Using an ALTERNATIVE ROCK song from 1985 to 1999 Invent and assume the role of a fictitious character, for whom you will create an identity or a back story..?Choose a song that is both relevant and important to your character and the time period. This song must make sense to the reader why your character feels this song is important by linking it to a historical event.??Create the character-. What is your name, hometown, age, and other made up back ground details- education, profession.??From your (fictitious character) perspective, tell me whats going on in the world. Choose a historical event that falls between 1985-1999 and relate in some way to the song chosen Explain the relationship of the even to the song. Add visual representation here. Tell about the song:?Why is this song important/significant to you as a young man and to the times??Whats the background of the song and 'or the artist/band. ?What does the piece sound like? Describe it in as many musical terms as you can. Talk about instruments, song form, effects, vocals, subject.

CANNOT pick songs we did in class. I like Blink 182 songs cannot use Adams song.

Greenday cannot use When I come Around

david Bowie- cant use Space Oddity,
Starman, Fame, Under Pressure, Lets dance,

Nivana- cannot use any of the following Love Buzz,
About a girl, Smells like Teen Spirit, Come as You Are, Dumb, Serve the Servants,
All Apologies

Pearl Jam- cannot use Alive Evenflow, Jeremy

Pixies- cant use Here Comes Your Man

Blackhole Sun or Spoonman by Soundgarden

London Calling or Rock the Cashbash by the Clash

How soon is NOW? by The Smiths

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Kiss the Bottle by Jawbreaker

BUddy Holly by Weeze

Lookin at You, Motorcity is BUrning, Back in the USA by MCS

Lust for Life by Iggy Pop

No Elvis Costello songs should be used.

Where is it at by Beck

Eating Toothpaste ny Bratmobile

Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones

Time Bomb by Rancid

It's the Ed of the World as We KNow it by REM

God save the Queen by Sex iPstols

Modern Girl by Sleater Kinney

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I would like to discuss the role Winston Churchill played to insire the British people during the Battle of Britian. Night after night the Germans bomed London and other cities with their blitzkrieg.
The "Works Cited" page must contain at least four sources, including two hard copy books or periodicals, or journals. (Only one of the four sourcs may be an encyclopedia.)

Thesis statement is required, detailed outline, final draft must be 1500 words.

Excerpt From Essay:

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