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Title: essay on bless me ultima by rudolfo anaya

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Essay Instructions: i want this essay on five paragraph. essay is on bless me ultima written my rudolfo anaya. the main statement of the essay will be the antony who begins as luna, a priest later becomes searcher for higher truth.1st paragraph is the state ment of the essay of 5lines and in that same paragraph include the three thesis statement ,be specific n attractive. this thesis statement will be how antony changes frm luna, a priest to seacher of higher truth and consciousness that tends him to create his own belief system.
2nd paragraph is on the first thesis statement which includes antony first dream where it says ultima holds antony's future,there shoud be strong and supporting evidence ,incude ceratin lines which proves the fact.
3rd paragraph includes elaboratinh the thesis statemnt ,ultima as a teacher enhaning tony's knowledge about his destiny and individualism, and about spiritual mother maria who is luna and tries to make antony , a priest.include things like ultima of higher consciousness,where ultima talks about uncle lucas, not to blame tenorio etc.provide as much facts as possible and evidence every time.
4th paragraph on the 3rd thesis statement thats is good vengeance vs. golden carp where tony had choices.tony goes for golden carp but later his belief changes .include anton's conversation with hs father gabriel about" starting a new religion".
lastly the conclusion of the essay.
in each paragraph of three thesis statement include enough facts and supporting evidences.include even lines of the essay to support the fact.
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Bless me, Ultima, by Rodolfo Anaya, Warner Books (April 1, 1999)

Analysis of the novel and the characters from the Internet at,pageNum-2.html

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Title: Chicano studies influence of education and religion on identity in two novels

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Essay Instructions: The title of the the course is "The Chicano Narrative". The Subject proposal for the my term paper is analytical and comparative study of two texts (1): "...y no se lo trago la tierra"/"...And The Earth Did Not Swallow Him", by Tomas Rivera and (2) "Bless me Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya. The book by Rivera is available in a bilingual edition and the one by Anaya is written in English. The Term Paper is to be written in English, but may contain quotes in Spanish accompanied with English translations. The emphasis and intent of the paper is an analysis of the two books focusing on how (a) religion and the church as well as (b)school and education impact and influence the issue of search for and development of the identity of the main protagonists of the books, (the anonymous young boy in the Rivera book and Antoniio Marez in the Anaya book). The social, economic, historical and regional backgrounds and contexts of the books is important and wherever relevant should be pointed out and the necessary comparisons and contrasts made apparent. Importantly, The book by Rivera won the first National Premio Quinto Sol literary prize for Chicano Literature in the early 70's and Anaya's book won the same prize the following year, heralding the advent of an new group of important writers addressing themes and topics of relevance to a mexican american audience and readership and to the broader English speaking culture as well. A final footnote: both books are centered in the American Southwest, River's in the South Texas border and Anaya's in New Mexico. These two regions are vastly different as to their cultures, their histories and geographies. The nuances that stem from these differences are quite apparent in each of the two books, making for interesting comparisons.
Excerpt From Essay:

Anaya, Rudolfo a. Bless Me, Ultima. Berkeley: Tonatiuh International Inc., 1972

Rivera, Tomas. And the Earth Did Not Part. Berkeley: Editorial Justa Publications, Inc.,

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Title: Young Goodman Brown Gilgamesh Beowulf Bless Me Ultima The Legend of King Arthur

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Essay Instructions: Using at least3 of the following stories ("Young Goodman Brown"," Gilgamesh", "Beowulf", "Bless Me Ultima" , The Legend of King Arthur), type a 4pp double-spaced Paper on ONE of the following topics:

---The relationship between the males figures (YGB/Devil, Gilgamesh/Enkidu,Lupito/Narciso, Beowulf/Grendl, Arthur/Merlin; bring in the hero motif (Quest, Initiation, Separation;Transformation) and how the hero's "other" forwards or thwarts the hero's journey to enlightenment/redemption
---The pivotal , but secondary ,role of women; the anima; the supernatural world (dreams, curses, rituals) as "channeled" through women; female archetypal figures
---the symbols/motifs that indicate the id, ego, superego, and the unconscious; focus on dream symbols, water (rivers, oceans), the forest, and other aspects of the natural world (e.g., animals)

I am assuming that you have read the lectures that are at the top. if you haven't please tell me and i send you some copies of the book. you can choose any topic of the three. these are the only instructions.

if you have questions please ask me.
thank you.
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