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Title: Comparative Textual Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Drawing upon at least ONE of the following ?lms, Wings of Desire, Germany Pale Mother, Black Rain, and City of Life and Death, offer a COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS of two (but not more) of the readings covered in Weeks 7 through 10 of this course. In analyzing these texts through the ?lm of your selection, you might take the following questions into consideration:
How do the readings differ in their representations of “collective memory”?
How does the ?lm of your selection correspond or refute one or both of the two readings of your selection on the question of “collective memory”?
More generally, what is “collective memory” and how might it be a problematic concept?

Movie Links
Germany Pale Mother: (Youtube)

Black Rain: (Youtube, total 12 small parts)
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Title: Great Depression and Censoring Disorder

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Essay Instructions: Part I: After reading various letters from the Dear Mrs. Roosevelt website under the content page, please discuss how you would use these letters to discuss the affects of the Great Depression on children. Children, as a group, are often silenced as historical actors in the larger narrative. Why are these letters important to the study of history? and how could you use the letters in the classroom to involve students in thinking like a historian?

Part II: Read "Censoring Disorder" and watch White Light, Black Rain on youtube, and discuss Roeder's main argument and the pros and cons of censoring images/information from the public. Think about the significance of the documentary and the message of the survivors. What did you learn about the bombs/victims/effects that you did not know before? Do you think that this documentary or parts of it should be shown in the classroom?

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