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Title: Caucasia

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1338 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Part A: Historical and Social Contextual Analysis (1-2 pages)
Research Question:
-Provide a two-page summary of the historical and social context for the novel Caucasia. What was happening in the United States during the period in which the novel was set? Who were the Black Panthers?
-use the library catalogue to find books, and the online periodicals indexes/databases to find articles on this particular historical period in the United States, including the Black Panther movement. You must find at least four sources for your research, at least two of which must be scholarly sources (the other two may be newspapers). Use these sources to write the two-page summary.
-Please attach the first page of one article, essay or book that you are using as the main source for your research (your main source must be a scholarly piece).
-Do NOT use Wikipedia or other Internet sources outside of the Library online system.
-in the first section, focus on answering the question "What was happening in the United States during the period in which the novel was set? Who were the Black Panthers?"the facts you provide must be relevant, they must refer to the novel's context. So, for example, referring to a particular sporting event that took place in the US in that period is not a relevant fact.
-in this essay, analyze the inter sectional social constructions of whiteness presented in the novel Caucasia. Do not simply summarize the plot. Think critically and analyze the ways that whiteness is being constructed while being the object of critical scrutiny. Be as specific as possible and remember to define whatever terms you use.

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Title: Can responsibility and freedom go hand in hand

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1912 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am not a native english speaker, so mistakes in use of articles and tenses are acceptable. The papper should be based on historic events that took place in the USA between 1960-1980. Particularly, the "youth" movement, vietnam war, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Black panthers. The use of "I", "in my opinion" are welcome. The subject is "Can Responsibility and Freedom go hand in hand?", the analyzes of those events should be made in order to answer this question. If there will be any further questions, feel free to contact me.

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Title: Domestic Terrorism and incident management

Total Pages: 2 Words: 488 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: "Freelance Writer" Based on the information provided in source Domestic Terrorism and Incident Management; Vohryzek;Whamond and Raymer write short answer for the following questions: What was Turner Diaries? What impact did it have on racist and anti-government groups in the United States? In general, what several things do advocates of christian identify believe? List several factors that have contributed to the decline of the patriot and radical hate movements in the United States. Why do many watchdog groups still think the racial right wing is a grave threat? What tactics have the South Poverty Law Center Engaged in to fight radical right wing organizations? What was The Black Panthers Movement? did it represent Terrorism from below or above?

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Essay Instructions: Here are questions for the Mid-Term which is due Nov 14th Pick 2 questions to answer. We are looking for you to cite from the readings, videos and lectures ...

1. Based upon the reading of Sacred World of Slaves explain 3 ways in which slaves used artistic expression (music, dance, narratives) to cope with being enslaved and move them in a direction of Liberation...

2. We had several guests this semester including Refa 1, Ise Lyfe, Duane Deterville, Kama from kenya and Kiilu Nyasha of the Black Panthers.. Highlight 2 of our guest and show 2-3 ways in which their art/ work help raise awareness in the community about key social issues which in turn help move us in the direction of liberation.

3. We had readings about intergration of art and crossing over by Dan Charnas, based upon what Charnas wrote and what we discussed in the lectures..what are the Pros / Cons of having Black Art crossover.. Do you feel this is helpful or hurtful to the community?

4. We started an excercise 2 weeks ago in which we sat in groups and examined pressing issues facing the community and how Black Art was addressing them... Building off that exercise please identify two-three pressing issues facing the Black community and identify 2 contemporary artists who are addressing this issues. Explain how they are doing this.. What ways would you improve their approach?

5. Two of the biggest facets that has impacted Black Art in the past are Drugs and Cointel-Pro.. Based upon the reading, lectures and films, highlight 3-4 ways in which these aspects impacted Black Art. Do you think these factors are impacting contemporay artists, explain why or why not.


Please note: This paper is due on Nov. 14th 4pm. (Western Time)
This is gonna be a 5 page paper. Please site the source from whatever the readings and the short clips that the instructor posted on iLearn.

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