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Title: Risk Management Consultant Proposal

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Risk Management Consultant Proposal

Imagine you are a team of consultants bidding on a project to provide risk management for an international event to be held in the future in a large U.S. city (The event is The Global Event for Biotechnology in Chicago, Illinois)

Write about potential risks

-Identify all potential risks; preventable and unavoidable risks. For example: acts of violence that concern event risk management; event crimes of opportunity and nonviolent crimes; self-victimizing event crimes; and natural disaster events
-Provide scenario thinking (provide these sections in headings).
Excerpt From Essay:

Dampsey, J.S. (2007). Introduction to Private Security. Belmont, CA: Thomson Higher Education.

Wells, G. (1996). Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment. Rugby, Warwickshire: Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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Title: Case analysis for Pharma Technologies

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Essay Instructions: Case analysis for Pharma Technologies:

A new biotechnology firm, Pharma Technologies, has developed a competing
method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that promises significant advantages
over Pfizer?s blockbuster drug, Viagra. With deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies also pursuing product development efforts, the president of Pharma Technologies
is charged with deciding how to leverage his company?s superior proprietary technology into a viable product before the window of opportunity closes. Students can
explore the trade-offs in pursuing internal versus external development of new technology, the strategic implications of in-licensing and out-licensing, and the criteria
used in identifying potential alliance partners to expedite the commercialization of
new technology.

If the case discusses points of view or alternatives, you are not supposed to select one of those alternatives and defend it. You are supposed to perform your own analysis and from that analysis develop your own three alternative strategies for PTI. If some of your alternative strategies are the same as those discussed in the case, this is all right. Likewise, it is also all right if your alternative strategies are different from those present in the case. What is important is that your strategies flow from and are substantiated by your analysis.
Excerpt From Essay:
References:, J. (2004). Pharma Technologies Inc., Pg 72-79, from Taylor, R.S., Drummond, M.F., Salkeld, G., & Sullivan, S.D. (2004). Inclusion Of Cost Effectiveness In Licensing Requirements Of New Drugs: The Fourth Hurdle. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 329(7472), 972-975.

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