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Essay Instructions: Bioethics

Do you think we should use the eggs of aborted fetuses to help infertile couples to have babies?
Just because there may be a demand for this from desperate people is this right?
How about women who really want a bay and cannot have one, isn't cruel to stop her for having one if the technology is available? It is morally justifiable?
Morality is relative so there's no point in talking about the ethics of the new biotechnologies
Why and what would you say to those who disagree?

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Essay Instructions: Bioethics

Explain the notion of moral relativism, outlining the differences between it and moral absolutism. Identify at least two different types of relativism and two different types of absolutism. Say briefly whether you are a relativist or an absolutist, and why you are what you are (Go for relativist)

You have only 500 words for this exercise so you will have good practice at being concise!

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Title: to end a suffering

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Essay Instructions: Bioethics. Provide an analysis of the current literature on euthenesia and specifically address the current situation in the health care setting. Limit direct quaotes. 10-15 references that are current and from reputable scientific resources, APA referencing, and include an abstract.
-discuss the morality and ethical issues of euthanasia
-differentiate between passive and active euthanasia
-discuss the legal implication issues
-Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide discuss both sides of arguments.

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Essay Instructions: this is the assignment that needs to be answered for each questions, and should be based on Nurse Practice Act Nevada
the below is the website about Nurse Practice Act

please answer those 3 questions based on Nurse Practice Act...


Mr. Tate, a 59-year-old patient with end-stage renal disease, is well known to Jane Martin, APRN, who works in the dialysis clinic. Mr. Tate is hypertensive and overweight with a history of alcoholism. He often does not take his medications as ordered and almost never adheres to his prescribed diet. When Mr. Tate comes to the clinic, he often has excessive edema and is hypertensive. He admits to eating his favorite foods??"hot dogs and potato chips. It is not unusual for Jane to smell alcohol on Mr. Tate’s breath. He even admits to drinking an occasional beer with his hot dogs and chips. Although Mr. Tate listens politely to Jane’s concerns about his lack of adherence to diet and medications, he continues to be nonadherent. Jane begins to wonder to what extent she as a nurse is obligated to spend time on patient teaching when the patient takes no re¬sponsibility for his own health. She also questions whether the benefit of expensive medications and treatments for Mr. Tate outweighs the cost.

1.What are Jane’s professional responsibilities to Mr. Tate?
2.With whom could Jane Martin discuss her ethical concerns regarding Mr. Tate?
3.What are Jane Martin’s responsibilities with regard to respecting Mr. Tate’s autonomy and right to self-determination?

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