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Title: Billy Elliot film review male psychology

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Essay Instructions: film review of Billy Elliot for class on male psychology. Talk about important themes in the movie like gender expectations. the film showed the difficulties of the gender expectations had brought in our modern society.

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Title: filmmaking

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Essay Instructions: Watch a feature film of your choice and write a 5 page single spaced essay on: The Collaborative Art Of Filmmaking. Discusss the different jobs on a film shoot( writers, director, director of photography, production desinger, art director, etc...), and how they come together to make the film work. Concentrate on the area (DIRECTOR) that you would like to go into.

Appropriate Films:
Lone Star
The Royal Tenenbaums
North By Northwest
The Limey
Billy Elliot
Not suposed to be a masterpiece, do not go to indepth on film history.

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