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Title: Billy Budd

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Essay Instructions: Billy Budd by Herman Melville
We need an introduction and thesis, supporting details, quotes and a conclusion in essay form.

Who is responsible for Billy Budd's death? Discuss how Captain Vere, Claggart and Billy himself all contribute to Billy's downfall. Be specific.

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Title: billy budd

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Essay Instructions: must be 8 pages with works cited page, min of 6 sources (one of six sources the book billy budd by herman melville)and 3 of 6 other sources must be printed souces(not from internet)total of 4 of 6 sources must be printed the other 2 may be from internet, 3 things in paper- construct your own arguement around the text, include quotations from the main text to support your arguement, and quotations from other text to support your arguement-- create title that reflects on the thesis statement, no minimum number of quotations or parenthetical citations but they are required throughout the paper, correct form of quotations and documentations required

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Essay Instructions: If you where the Chief Justice of the Court of Naval Review and all nine judges have gone over this case. You must decide whether Vere was right or wrong.
The question is posed: Was vere correct in hanging Billy Budd?
The other vote a tie 4-4 you vote last. In effect you will render the verdict.

In your essay, cast your vote and explain why you voted as you did.

Sources to use:
The Norton Anthology of American Literature 5th edition vol. 1

Herman Melville- ?Billy Budd?

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Title: A Review of the story Billy Budd by Herman Melville

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Essay Instructions: Minimum length: 500 words (excluding works cited page and quotes)

The paper must include at least two direct quotations from the story (with matching parenthetical citations) and at least one quote from a critical essay (also with parethetical citations). No use of wikipedia, sparknotes, Cliff's notes, please.

I would suggest a very limited topic; obviously you cannot write a complete film review or a complete analysis of the story in 500 words. Try to limit yourself to only some single aspect that appeals to you.

However there are two things to avoid:

1. Beginning your essay with "Herman Melville was born in..." You're not writing a biography.

2. Including any summary of the plot of "Billy Budd".
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