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Title: Hughes and Music

Total Pages: 3 Words: 965 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Compare Langston Hughes' poetry to the songs of Billie Holiday. Analyze how Hughes' poetry is dependent, thematically and formall, on song.

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Title: Jazz

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Essay Instructions: From the choices provided below, select a pair of jazz musicians for your paper of 500 to 750 words. You will be writing about the jazz styles represented by these two musicians, as well as their individual performance styles. Since the pairings are provided for you, select a pair that includes one of your favorite jazz musicians. That will allow you to write with genuine enthusiasm about one of your favorites, as well as lead you to further consideration of another jazz musician whose style you may not be as familiar with.

For each of the two musicians:

discuss the general characteristics of the jazz style,
describe the individual stylistic characteristics for which the performer is known,
select one piece that features a notable performance and provide your observations from listening to the piece.

Then, in the last section of your paper, compare the two performers??"their similarities and differences, what it is about your favorite that makes that performer your favorite (if still your favorite), and what you have come to appreciate about the other performer that has led you to a higher regard for that jazz musician. Note: This is not a research paper. Your textbook and online lessons provide ample information. If quoting from these sources, place the words in quotation marks and use a parenthetic citation, such as (p. 46) for Gridley or (Lesson 11) for the online lesson. You may use other sources, but be sure to document these sources and properly attribute quotations.

These pairings are not all ordered chronologically. Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, though, we recommend presenting the musicians chronologically in your paper.

Select a pair from the choices provided:

1. Cootie Williams and Freddie Hubbard

2. Count Basie and John Lewis

3. Sidney Bechet and Ornette Coleman

4. Bix Beiderbecke and Clifford Brown

5. Jimmy Blanton and Curley Russell

6. Benny Carter and Paul Desmond

7. Charlie Christian and Pat Metheny

8. Harry “Sweets” Edison and Freddie Hubbard

9. Roy Eldridge and Dizzy Gillespie

10. Duke Ellington and Lennie Tristano

11. Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn

12. Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson

13. Coleman Hawkins and Wayne Shorter

14. Earl Hines and Bud Powell

15. Johnny Hodges and Cannonball Adderley

16. Billie Holiday and Cassandra Wilson

17. James P. Johnson and McCoy Tyner

18. Jo Jones and Art Blakey

19. Bubber Miley and Don Cherry

20. Jelly Roll Morton and Dave Brubeck

21. Joe “Tricky Sam” Nanton and J. J. Johnson

22. King Oliver and Wynton Marsalis

23. Walter Page and Charles Mingus

24. Art Tatum and Marcus Roberts

25. Frankie Trumbauer and Lee Konitz

26. Ben Webster and Sonny Rollins

27. Cootie Williams and Dizzy Gillespie

28. Teddy Wilson and Bill Evans

29. Lester Young and Stan Getz

30. Ron Carter and Walter Page

31. Paul Chambers and Charles Mingus

32. Jimmy Cobb and Jo Jones

33. Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins

34. Wynton Marsalis and Cootie Williams

35. Tommy Flanagan and Earl Hines

36. Al Haig and Teddy Wilson

37. Herbie Hancock and Earl Hines

38. Elvin Jones and Jo Jones

39. Thelonious Monk and Count Basie

40. Gerry Mulligan and Eric Dolphy

41. Charlie Parker and Johnnie Hodges

42. Oscar Peterson and Teddy Wilson

43. Chano Pozo and Jo Jones

44. Max Roach and Jo Jones

45. Horace Silver and Count Basie

46. Tony Williams and Jo Jones

47. Albert Ayler and Lester Young

48. Chick Corea and Earl Hines

49. Charlie Haden and Jimmy Blanton

50. Roy Haynes and Jo Jones

51. Dave Holland and Walter Page

52. Keith Jarrett and Duke Ellington

53. Scott LaFaro and Jimmy Blanton

54. Wynton Marsalis and Roy Eldridge

55. Lyle Mays and Earl Hines

56. John McLaughlin and Charlie Christian

57. Paul Motian and Jo Jones

58. Jaco Pastorius and Walter Page

59. Miroslav Vitous and Jimmy Blanton

60. Joe Zawinul and Earl Hines

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