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Essay Instructions: This Assignment examines white-collar crime and how it is explored by criminologists. It is crucial to understand the interconnection between defining a crime by formal norms (laws) and cultural norms (expectations society has for people).

Please review the video below prior to answering the questions below. Your Assignment should be 2 ? 4 pages in length.

Given what is known about Bernie Madoff, how can his behaviors be explained?
What laws exist that seek to control white collar crime? How are they different than street crimes?
How have cultural norms with regard to white-collar crime shifted in the early 21st century? What has impacted this shift?

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Essay Instructions: a) Analyzing Ethical Behavior Paper
i) Submit a 750-1,000-word analysis examining the financial events surrounding Bernie Madoff, and the events surrounding ENRON. Use library and Internet sources to conduct your research of these 2 events. Find the consequences and implications related a lack of code of ethics.
ii) Review Chapter 4 in the Mallor et al. text, especially the sections on values and corporate responsibility. Using applicable theories and concepts from the textbook, evaluate what you believe to be Bernie Madoff's views of ethics and social responsibility toward his stakeholders. Evaluate the actions of ENRON with regards to social responsibility of stakeholders. Research and review Internet resources as necessary to complete this assignment.
iii) Cite at least 2 references, excluding your textbook.
iv) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the GCU APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
v) Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 5.

Can't have more than 75 words in the quotes

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Title: Business Law topic

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1509 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Major: International Business

Here is the copy of my professors email and instructions:

Your paper should be on something that interests you, something that advances your understanding of your major and something that is topical. Believe me, if it interests you, it will easier to research and a lot more enjoyable for me to read. Advance notice -- I rigorously apply the University's Academic Honesty Policy as set forth in the Fogcutter Student Handbook and personally submit all papers to Turnitin.

Given our turbulent economic times there are many business law related topics to research, to mention just a few: insider trading. i.e Raj Gupta -- Goldman Sachs, Galleon Group; Apple-Samsung patent litigation; continuing international sovereign debt crisis; China-US currency dispute; 2012 aftermath of Ponzi schemes and related financial scams (updated Madoff, Stanford, Hecksher et al.) ....

There are scores more topics. If you find yourself having difficulty finding a topic, pick up several copies of the Wall Street Journal -- its divided into discrete sections covering: general business news (A section); marketing (B); finance/investment (C); and personal finance (D). On Mondays there are rotating sections on technology, health and other specific topics.

I want a FIVE to SEVEN, 5 to 7, cinco to siete, V to VII,fem to sju, a?" to a?? and iiiii to iiiiiii, (get my point!) paper on a business law topic that interests you. I don't want an EIGHT TO ..., or the 35 page paper (I'm not kidding, 35 PAGES!) like I got a number of years ago from that famed BUS 301 Survivor, MBA graduate, and present Silicon Valley CPA Wizard, Mike Calonico, fondly known to his cyber friends as "Kdoggmc".

Papers submitted late receive are penalized as follows: One minute to one day late - 1 Letter Grade
Two days late: - 2 Letter Grades
Three days late: - 3 Letter Grades
More than four days late: - Don't Bother

You can use either the APA or MLA formats. Be certain to completely cite you authorities. Footnotes or endnotes are acceptable.

A "business law topic" is purposefully broad to allow you to write on a topic related to your particular major. Ideally, the paper will serve as a foundation for other endeavors undertaken in your area of emphasis.

I expect you to conduct legal research using the library, academic journals and reviews, publications e.g., Wall Street Journal, Barons, Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review, on-line resources and interviews. No WIKIPEDIA, Cheeseman, or Griffis lecture references or citations, I want original verifiable research and cited authorities. WIKIPEDIA is a good place to find source material, but do not cite the site.

Be creative. Thinking outside of the box, several years ago one enterprising Legal Scholar knocked on the front door of Roomy Khan's Atherton (San Mateo County) home. Mrs. Khan had just been named a possible suspect in the Galleon Hedge Fund federal insider trading case against Raj Rajaratnam, Galleon's founder. She later pleaded guilty and was an important witness against Rajaratnam. Our scholar briefly interviewed Ms. Khan regarding her involvement in the fraud -- the interview ceased the moment after Khan called her attorney to inquire if it was proper for her to talk to a BUS 301 Legal Scholar. Rajaratnam was convicted and sentenced to serve 11 years in Butler Federal Prison where Bernie Madoff and his "cellie" Bubba reside.

The bottom line, if you select a topic that you are interested in, the research and paper will be enjoyable. OK, maybe not enjoyable but less painful for you and more interesting for me to read.

Chapter that have been cover in class such as: Personal Property, Real Property, Fraud, Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Contracts, etc.

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Title: hedge fund regulation

Total Pages: 18 Words: 4816 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: the paper is for a business law class the topic is regulation shift with emphasis on SEC regulations from systemic fraud fears begun in 1998 by the failure of Long Term CApital Management shifting to investor protection fears because of Bernie Madoff scandal and then returning to systemic risk fears in recent financial crisis with emphasis on hedge funds generally
SEC regulations proposed and enacted can be found on their website
No books should be used/referenced as there is plenty online and much of this is very current save the 1998 stuff
conceptually think regulation via regulation by products used to invest by hedge funds and regulations of entitites providing services to them prime brokers, broker-dealers etc.
It should NOT be a great paper in fact mediocre is prefered 25 pages only
again not a great paper is needed
simple footnotes and some technical mistakes are encouraged

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