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Title: creative writing

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Essay Instructions: I need a three page short story not a research paper. There is this statue of Ben Franklin sitting on a bench at my school and I have to write a story about him. I need it to be funny. I would like it to be about Bill and Ted accidently leaving him behind on there travels and Ben will never get back. It could be first person, second person, or third person.

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Title: Ben Franklin's Autobiography

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Essay Instructions: Read Ben Franklin's Autobiography. Answer the following in a paper no longer than 2 full pages.
1). How is Franklin a combination of his American roots (IN Puritanism and in the relative independence from the society of England) with the Englightenment ideas of writers like Pope? i.e. How is he a particularly American version of Enlightenment Man? Analyze and use examples from BOTH content and style. In answering this question write this question write the question on top of the page labelled "your question".
2). Write questions of you own labelled "my questions". In this case it would be very good to make them more specific versions of the main question-e.g. how is this choice of genre (autobiography) appropriate to his American Enlightenment purposes and ideas? Make these detailed, extended questions, not some broad thing that won't help you in the next step, which is...
3). Write the word Hypothesis and then write a tentative Hypothesis statement which summarizes, using specific language, your initial answer to my question. Then mull over the evidence you have found that will support this hypothesis. Ask any further questions that don't seem to fit your hypothesis, end with some more specific questions. This should be done in atleast 1 page.

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Title: Ben Franklin and Tintern Abbey and This Lime Tree Bower My Prison

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Essay Instructions: This is two short essays, each 2 full pages. the first essay must be in the following format:
Using LOTS of SPECIFIC references to texts, Norton Anthology,explain in a WELL-ORGANIZED essay with a SPECIFIC THESIS (NOT "alike in some ways and different in others!!"), how Ben Franklin's writing expresses many ideas AND techniques of the Enlightenment that can also be found in Pope's writings, yet is also uniquely American. Make NO generalizations that are not supported by comparing SPECIFIC EXAMPLES AND PIECES OF TEXT FROM BOTH AUTHORS. Ans as much as possible, show not only the similarities and differences among overt statements of ideas, but also AS SHOWN BY THE USE OF SIMILIAR OR DIFFERENT LITERARY TECHNIQUES TO EXPRESS THESE IDEAS.
The next essay, must be in the following format:
Tintern Abbey and This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison (from Norton II Anthology)both conclude that a series of experiences with nature can provide intellectual and emotional belief in a godlike "Spirit" dwelling in but is greater than nature itself (in Coleridge's case, he says that the sensory experiences of nature are like "hues that veil the Almighty," but both revealing and concealing Him; Wordsworth says that he now believes there is "a motion and a spirit that impels/ All thinking things, all objects of all thought, / And rolls through all things"). First, compare how the formal and thematic similarities of the two poems reflect ideas both poets hold in common about how this process works. Then use the DIFFERENCES in the form and content of the two poems to contrast the ways in which the tow poets describe important differences in how this process works. (This question requires careful organization by ideas rather than by some list of similiar and different devices).

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Essay Instructions: How do you feel that Native Americans were portrayed in the works of Ben Franklin and John Smith? Do the authors treat them in a favorable or negative light?
Be sure to have an introduction with a distinct thesis statement, a body with specific supporting elements, and a conclusion for this essay. Also include the title of the essay in the first sentence so the reader knows what essay you are discussing, and cite lines from the poem to help prove your points/impressions. Quoted material should be followed by correct APA in-text citation. See the following site for an overview of APA formatting and citation:All submitted written work this term must use Times New Roman 12 point plain font, and contain 1-inch margins on all four sides of the paper. Double-space the text, and use indented paragraphs throughout with no extra space between paragraphs. See the Essay Tutorial for review.

Essays will be graded for organization, coherence, sentence skills (spelling and grammar) and use of the text. Essays should be written in the third person objective voice, and not in the first person "I" voice. Remember also that essays must be in APA format and that you should consult the Essay Tutorial that is included each week for guidance. Remember to back up all of your main points with examples from the text in quotations (" " ) followed by the correct APA in-text citation. There also should be a reference page at the end of the essay as per APA format.

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