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Title: Beloved

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Essay Instructions: Beloved - arguments pertaining to motherhood, the female experience in slavery, freedom and its multiple meanings, power/powerlessness/control, religion.
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Title: magic realism

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Essay Instructions: " beloved" by toni morrison
combine the questions in a unified response
1) how does memory affect the charactors? does their relationship with the past change over the course of the novel? how? why? give specific examples and short quotes to explain
2) in what ways "beloved" both a graphically realistic "neo-slave narrative" and a fantastic "ghost story"? give examples and short quotes to explain
3) personal response: what was particularly striking about this novel for you? what questions arise from the text? what connections can be made to other text, films, or personal experience

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Title: Contemporary Womens Writing

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Essay Instructions: Question...Both The Handmaid’s Tale by Margerey Atwood and Beloved by Toni Morrison can be described as novels about memory. With reference to Beloved AND/OR The Handmaid’s Tale, consider some of the ways in which memory is important to the novel. What is the novel saying about the importance (for women or other subordinated groups) of remembering the past?

I've put a link to an essay below which may be of use - gayle greene on feminist fiction and memurory. I suggest you read that to get some ideas about memory, and you could apply these to either Beloved or The Handmaid's Tale. I would look for examples in the novels themselves about the theme of memory and the past more generally (how easy or difficult is it to remember; why is it important to remember the past)

There is also plenty of further critical material available (esp on memory in Beloved) - no need to read everything but two or three extra sources will help to illuminate your ideas. The further reading suggested in beloved lecture notes may be helpful

Ferguson, Rebecca, ‘History, Memory and Language in Toni Morrison’s Beloved’, reprinted in Lois Parkinson Zamora, ed., Contemporary American Women Writers: Gender, Class, Ethnicity (Longman, 1998)

Mae Gwendolyn Henderson, ‘Toni Morrison’s Beloved: Re-membering the Body as Historical Text’ in Hortense Spillers, ed., Comparative American Identities: Race, Sex and Nationality in the Modern Text (Routledge 1991)

Nicola King, Memory, Narrative, Identity: Remembering the Self (Edinburgh UP 2000)

Toni Morrison, ‘Site of Memory’ in William Zinsser, ed., Inventing the Truth: the Art and Craft of Memoir (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1987).

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Title: beloved themes

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Essay Instructions: In the novel "Beloved" by Toni Morrison there are major themes that transcend time and are applicable to life today.

Please compose an essay using three major themes present in "Beloved" using these three characters.

"Julie" 26yr old mother of "Tom"
"Steven"32 yr old husband of "Julie"
"Tom" -Julie's 4 yr old child.

Please describe -Plot, Theme, Setting and Point of view.

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