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Title: Report of the results of behavioral science research

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Essay Instructions: Find two newspaper or magazine articles published in the last year that report the results of behavioral science research. These are to come from popular press publications, meaning newspaper or magazines that can be found on most well-stocked newsstands. You are welcome to use library resources to locate articles, however it is not a necessary part of this assignment. You may find one of the articles from magazine Psychology Today. You may not get article from a professional journal. The articles you locate should deal with some aspects of human thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Any specific topic is acceptable, as lond as the focus is clearly on thoughts, feelings, or behavior. For example, while an article on the biochemistry of the HIV virus would not be appropriate, an article concerned with the impact of AIDS education on safe- sex behavior of young adults would be appropriate.
Note that articles published in the popular press vary widely in the level of detail they provide about the scientific method they employed. Please pick the two that give you the greatest amount of detail about the scientific method used.
Write up: Report should consist of summary and evaluation of each article. In summarizing each article, identify the research question, how the information was acquired (i.e., the type of methods used ), and the conclusion or central finding taht was obtained. Try to indentify any important features of the scientific method as you can in these articles ( Note: they may skimp on this. If so discuss this in your write up). Indicate whether there were any features of scientific method that were not reported in the article that you would like to know better to evaluate the quality of the study.

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Essay Instructions: Identify and discuss three advantages, and three disadvantages of the use of computers in the social and behavioral sciences.

Please use the following format:

1. INTRODUCTION: provide a paragraph of background information on computers in general.
2. OBJECTIVE: specifically, state the objective or goal of your work.
3. METHODOLOGY: briefly explain how you searched/obtained the information you are presenting.
4. DISCUSSION: outline and discuss the advantages and disadvantages you have identified.
5. CONCLUSION and RECOMMENDATIONS: summarize your discussion, and make practical recommendations.

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Title: Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

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Essay Instructions: Research Posts: This is an Internet research as a supplemental material to the new or added knowledge you obtained based upon your reading for the week. First you are to identify and briefly describe the concept/topic that you found most interesting. Always adding an example or a scenario in everyday life best illustrates a concept/topic. Next, you are to search the Internet and/or library data bank to find any article, video, pics, images, etc. that help further explain and elaborate your concept/topic and share it with your classmates. Once you upload or link your resource, please describe and summarize the content to provide an overview of how it has enhanced your learning. Your post should be in 200-250 words minimum that is in thoughtful, clear and organized manner. Think of this research discussion as a way of sharing your knowledge and helping your classmates using your unique perspective and points of view to conceptualize what might be a difficult for them. We are all here to learn from each other and help one another through this class in addition to just reading and learning from the text?.

Textbook ?Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences? by Gary W. Heiman, 7th ed.

Assignment 1 Review text Ch. 1 ? terms and scales
Research post 1 - Special Americans ? 1 pg

Assignment 2 Review Ch. 2 ?Stat and research process; understanding exp and correlation
Research post 2 ? 1 pg

There will be 6 more assignment similar to this if you are interested in this topic. Thank you!

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Title: Police Psychology

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Essay Instructions: Write a research paper describing how you would create a behavioral science unit (BSU) for your local sheriff's office. Your assignment should respond to the following:
• Discuss the specific components of your BSU and provide justification for each.
• Indicate which services your mental health professionals would provide to the department.
• Indicate how you would structure the units in your BSU (contract, in-house, off-site, etc.).
• Use at least one outside research source including academic journals to support your development ideas.

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