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Title: Disability Research Assignment

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Essay Instructions: Disability Research Assignment
Select one of the following disability categories: ADHD, Autism/PDD, Emotional Behavioral Disorder, or Specific Learning Disability. Conduct web-based research to provide the following: Begin the paper by listing five websites that provide information
related to the topic you have chosen. Write a 2 to 5 sentence description of what each website offers (five websites, five descriptions). After describing each website, begin the body of your paper. Please include the following sections:
• A description of the disorder, including defining characteristics (what does the disorder look like, who is most likely to be diagnosed with the disorder, etc.).
• Summarize what the research states about the etiology of the disorder.
• Talk about classroom accommodations/modifications for the disorder (what can you do as a teacher to help a student with this disorder function better in your classroom).
Write the paper as though you are preparing a summary sheet for parents and co-workers. The information should be informative and clearly written. If you only use information found on the five listed websites, you will not need to reference any other resources. If you pull information from other references, cite them at the end of the paper in APA formatting.

-You Choose whatever disability is easiest for you.
Excerpt From Essay:

Identification of exact causes of EBD is complex. A variety of possible reasons exist. Although each explanation may have some validity, no single reason can be pinpointed as the cause. The known potential causes of EBD are divided into two categories, biological and environmental. Biological refers to physical, medical, and genetic factors. Biological causes include genetic influences, neurological impairment (brain damage), nutrition, and physical health. Environmental causes involve conditions and experiences with family, school and community. Children who are exposed to unhealthy conditions are thought to be more susceptible to emotional problems. It is important to recognize that parents and families do not always cause children's problems, however they do have a significant influence and in some cases EBD can be attributed to environmental influences (Zionts, Zionts, & Simpson, 2002).

Implications for the Classroom

Many students with EBD display both

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Title: Overrepresentation of minority students with emotional and behavioral disorders

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: A literature review discussing the overrepresentation of minority students with emotional and behavioral disorders. It must include 8 peer reviewed articles all within recent dates. Please do the following:

*Provide a thorough definition/explanation of the topic
*Include 8 peer reviewed articles.
*Background history of topic
*Explain issues relating to the topic area (e.g. pros, cons. implementation, etc.)
*Appropriate summary
*Provide recommendations for future research
Excerpt From Essay:

Coutinho, M.J. & Oswald, D.P. (1999). Ethnicity and special education research: Identifying questions and methods. Behavioral Disorders, 24, 66-73.

Oswald, D.P., Coutinho, M.J., Best, A.M & Singh, N. (1999). Ethnic representation in special education: The influence of economic demographic variables. Journal of Special Education, 32, 194-196.

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Title: Inclusion paper

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Inclusion paper-apa format-7 peer reviewed journals on inclusion in the classroom. Journals from 2000 to 2010 only peer reviewed journals. no computer, books etc for reference. ( I do need a reference page for the 7 peer reviewed journals).
questions that need to be addressed in paper. what is the current state of inclusive services for students with EBD?What should be done or are things adequate as they are? Are general education teachers prepared to deal with students with EBD? Do you agree with the inclusion movement for students withEBD? where should educators highlight areas of growth in the field (proactive directions)? Is enough being done, or has enough progress in made with the education of students with EBD? If you are for or against inclusion classrooms, why or why not. EBD=emotional behavioral disorder
Excerpt From Essay:

Cooley, E, L., Triemer & D.M. (2002, December) Classroom behavior and the ability to decode nonverbal cues in boys with severe emotional disturbance. Journal of social psychology. Vol. 142, Issue 6, 741-751. Retrieved November 19, 2011 from

Henricsson, L. & Rydell, A. (2004, April) Elementary scholl children with behavior problems: Teacher-child relationns and elf-perception. A prospective study. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly. Vol. 50, Issue 2, 111-138. Retrieved November 19, 2011 from

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Title: Academic Engagement and the effects of a token economy on students with emotional and behavioral disorders

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: I am going to attach a copy of a entire paper that is similar to what I need that you can use a an example. I will need just the literature review section that starts on page 3 and ends on page 10 for my report but I would like about 2 more pages. (I am not sure if this order form will let me attach it so if not please let me know how I can) Also there were still some APA errors on this paper. For references you need to use scholarly journal such as: Journal of emotional and behavioral disorders, Journal of applies behavior analysis etc., and all should be from about 1995 on. Also if you could save sections you use in case I need to produce my sources. I think my paper would need to have some Academic Engagement info along with Emotional and Behavioral info and usage of token economies. Here is a checklist for what the instructor is looking for in this section: 1) Are primary sources emphasized and secondary sources used only selectively 2) Is the literature review clear concise and relevant 3) Is the review organized logically 4)Are studies compared and contrasted and conflicting results noted 5) Is the relevance of each reference to the problem explicit 6) Does the researcher summarize the content knowledge about the problem well 7) Does the literature review provide a rationale for the proposed study design (mine is the token economy is my independent variable and academic engagement is the dependent variable along with me monitoring in intervals and giving or taking tokens away depending on engagement using an ABAB design, student will have SPED EBD label 8)Does the research question state concisely what is to be determined 9)Was the APA format followed?
Excerpt From Essay:
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