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Essay Instructions: The essay is about Behavior Modification using a Operant Conditioning. I am giving you exactly the details of how it is suppose to be done and an example of work that is already finished.

I will attach 3 documents which is the rubric, a sample paper and my personal background. Also I would like to use drinking enough water as my behavior modification and would like the writer to create a chart just like in the example. For example in my baseline of 5 days I may not be able to accomplish my goals immediately but eventually at the end of 5 days I was able to get it done and achieve my target goals.
Also I would like you to include in the essay the positive reinforcement based on operant conditioning( reward) if I am able to accomplish my goals maybe a massage treat.

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Title: Education

Total Pages: 17 Words: 4546 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a dissertation proposal. The subject is "Behavior Modification and Skill Enhancement for High Risk Students in the Community College: The application of Neurolinguistic Programming?. The paper is to examine who is a high risk student in the community college system and why they are a high risk. The question to be explored is whether or not the application of neurolinguistic programming techniques can alter the negative behavior and attitudes of those students who are deemed ?high risk? for failure in the community college system and thereby, help them to enhance their skill levels for academic success. A listing of neurolinguistic techniques should be noted that a community college can utilize. Accordingly, the research will determine if these proposed techniques can make a positive impact on these high risk students. I need to have a bibliography included with complete and proper refernces, especially with respect to the review of the literature.
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Title: behavior modification techniques applied to overeating

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Essay Instructions: I will sent the requirements by email. I would like the research project paper to focus on behavior modification techniques as it applied to overeating.

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Title: Autism and Behavior Modification

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2287 Sources: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The term paper is based on the topic of autism and the behavior modifications/use of rewards utilized to control it. Major emphasis is that autism can be controlled if teachers have the proper training to deal with autistic children. Evidence should come from a primary source article in which the details of the experiment procedures are spelled out so you can critically evaluate the conclusions by the author. do not rely heavily on secondary source articles. Use the secondary articles to support or refute the primary article.

I have 7 aritcles cited that can be emailed to you. Term paper is for a class in the Psychology of Learning. MLA format.
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