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Title: Reflective paper 12 Rome Double space assignment608 Title 2 608 Get info concise credit paper abstract small paragraph describe content paper reflections The reflection parts Italized font 2 4 site resources web sites Ed

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Essay Instructions: Reflective paper
12 Rome Double space

course assignment608
Title #2 608
Get info out concise credit in our own way
each paper must have an abstract small paragraph describe the content of paper
and reflections The reflection parts must be in Italized font
use 2 to 4 site resources
web sites Ed. gov
http:dpi.state.wi.usus , , www.sdnf.k12.wi.usus
may use other sites I must be able to find and use them

Reflective paper 12 Rome Double space assignment 610 Title #2 608 Get info concise credit paper abstract small paragraph describe content paper reflections The reflection parts Italized font 2 to 4 site resources web sites.

Position paper citing and defending a behavior management style, from SPED 608 #2

A position paper citing and defending a behavior management style. See information listed below

In behavior management, prevention strategies play an important role in reducing the possibility of bad behavior. Prevention techniques are strategies and actions that lower the likelihood of stress in students with disabilities. To improve concentration on the task at hand, make sure that attractive items are kept out of reach and sight. Reduce the risk of confrontation during activities by grouping together students who get along well with each other. Prevent negative behavior during times of transition by preparing the child ahead of time and by offering support.


Children who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBITBITBI) or those who have autism, ADD or ADHD are known to be impulsive and may not appear to be obedient. It is important to remember that such children often have neurological disabilities that often results in displays of frustration and impulsive behavior. Enforce discipline by putting forth clear rules and making sure students understand why these rules are in place. Be consistent in implementing discipline. If a student exhibits unruly behavior, follow up with disciplinary methods that are logical. Avoid punishment and make it a point to highlight positive behavior.


Encourage interaction between students and teachers on a regular basis. Engage the students in activities that keep them entertained and happy. Monitor interactions between students and reduce factors that encourage negative behavior or conflict. Talk to students in an open and understanding manner. Gradually increase their confidence levels and make them assume responsibility for their own behavior.


Reward positive behavior with attention and praise. When a student performs an activity well, provide encouragement. This helps students build a sense of self worth and increases their confidence. It also keeps them more engaged in activities and improves concentration. Never expect good behavior at all times. When this does not happen, you may feel more stressed and lose patience.


Your reactions and consequences to certain types of behavior may or may not encourage a student to repeat that behavior. The goal of contingency management is to manage the consequences of certain behaviors, so as to improve positive behavior and reduce disobedience or conflict. Some key aspects of contingency management include ignoring negative behavior, rewarding good behavior, performing random acts of affection or kindness and enforcing discipline when needed.

Read more: Behavior Management Styles ##
Excerpt From Essay:

Otten, K. & Tuttle, J. (2012) "Individual Reinforcement Systems." 2012 January 17.

"Reinforcement." (2010) 2012 January 16.

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Title: behavior management and matching it w the theorist

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Essay Instructions: i did send my fax regarding this assignment by the order #: A1044260 / paper ID : 10343 .
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you have a conversation w a colleague who doesnt belive in behavior management for young children . Explain your concept of behavior management by defining it & telling why its necessary for infants , todlers, & young children to manage their bhavior ( 4-5 paragrapg).
A. Explain how the principles of age appropriateness & individual appropriateness apply to behavior management ? Why ? ( 2-3 paragraphs )
B. Which behavior theory best matches your view of behavior management? Why ? ( 1-2 paragraph ). like matching it to maslow or ericson or piaget.
C. Which behavior theory best matches the letter & intent of IDEA ? Why ? ( 1-2 paragraph ) in this site :
have the 6 basic points of IDEA , I know that 1 is putting the children in the : LEAST RESTRICTIVE ENVIONMENT , which means that the specil child have the right to be educated w normal children all the day & not individually.
Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Behavior Management A Case Study

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Essay Instructions: Develop a case study revolving around a very disruptive first grade student
Conduct outside research on a behavior management cycle or model (ie Canter).
Provide an overview of the cycle or model and apply it to your case study
Prepare this assignment in APA style
Excerpt From Essay:

Burden, P.R. (2003). Classroom management: Creating a successful learning community (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.

Arthur-Kelly et al. (2006) "Classroom Management: Creating positive learning environments" (2nd ed.) Austin, TX: Thomson.

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Title: Interventions paper

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Essay Instructions: view the assignment as if you were constructing a guide for teachers. Make your solutions practical, feasible, and workable for typical pubic school settings either general edu. or spe edu. settings. Orient the reader to the idea that behavior is functional and purposeful. One facctor to consider is that the solutions and methods you mention do " fit" the functin of the behavior. Endeavor to provide a variety of solutions and ideas including both ways to prevent such problems from breaking out and ways to intervene when the poblems do occur. Give enough detail so that someone could begin a behavior management program based on your methods. For example, Use a "reinfrocement program' or" Prompt the student" does not provide sufficient detail alone. Include at least one "form" which could be used to collect data on the behavior-frequency,duration,critical incidents log, etc.

bottom line 3 page plus at one page data collection from. how would you collect data and monitor pogress on this problem? References 3 cited in paper with reference list at end of paper.
Excerpt From Essay:

Clement, M.C. (2010). Preparing teacher for classroom management: The teacher educator's role. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin 77 (1), 41-44.

Denton, P., & Kriete, R. (2000). The first six-week of school. Turners Falls, MA: Northeast

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