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Title: psychology

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Essay Instructions: Word couunt is needed on the first page along with my name, also a rough draft is neededrewrite the question but the question is not included in the 1000 word term paper.

Watch the movie, A Beautiful Mind. Explain the insights that you gained from watching the movie and use it to discuss and illustrate some of the psychological principles and phenomena about psychological disorders and the such.

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Title: A Beautiful Mind

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Essay Instructions: Specifically I need a paper written on the Movie "A Beautiful MInd" Directed by Ron Howard that gives examples of perception and self talk. Perception is- THe process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it. Self Talk is the internal conversations we have with ourselves.

THe paper must deal with Nash's struggles with schizophrenia and his remarkably succesful use of his own self-talk and perception checking approach to overcome the illness and manage his life. Also how the schizophrenia effects his personal and professional relationships.

John's communication competence (or incompetance is relevant for the paper also).

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Title: the film name beautiful mind with Russel Crowe

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Essay Instructions: Paper Guidelines

Throughout the semester, you have been learning how psychopathology is portrayed in our society and how this affects the lives of those with mental illnesses. Because most people don’t have expertise in abnormal psychology, public perceptions about psychopathology are strongly influenced by the media, including popular movies. Information presented in the media can be sympathetic and enlightening, or can perpetuate the stigma often associated with mental illness. This stigma limits opportunities for individuals with mental illnesses and often prevents them from seeking appropriate help. For this assignment, you will critically evaluate the accuracy of information recently presented in the movies on some form of psychopathology, and discuss how this presentation might influence public opinion.

“Abnormal Psychology in the Movies”

One of the most visible places to find examples of abnormal psychology is in movies. This assignment will involve watching a popular film that depicts some form of psychopathology. In your paper, you will provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the character with the disorder, and discuss his/her symptoms, treatment, and as the mental health profession in general. Finally, you will be asked to discuss the film’s characterization in light of the current understanding of this disorder.


A Beautiful Mind is about Schizophrenia & Therapy

Introductory Paragraph:
1.Introduce the movie and character you will be presenting-1/2 point

2.Identify the primary diagnosis -1/2 point
3.Brief description of movie and character -1point
4.Use Axis System for Diagnosis:-each Diagnosis according to Axis- 1 point including those that do not apply. All Axis should be included. For example, the character may have an Axis I disorder but not Axis 2, and a medical condition or not. There should be an indication of whether or not the character falls on each Axis. . .
Axis 1 – psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia)
Axis 2 – Personality Disorders and Mental Retardation ( Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder)
Axis 3 – any medical condition (i.e. diabetes)
Axis 4 – Psychosocial and Environmental Problems (i.e. problems with marriage, financial problems, employment problems)
Axis 5 – overall functioning (very poor, poor, average, good, very good)
5.List symptoms for primary diagnosis (Axis 1 or Axis 2) and explain what character did (i.e. behavior) to qualify to have those symptoms. Were there symptoms or behaviors associated with the disorder that were incorrect according to our text and the DSMIV? -4 points
6.Discuss the portrayal of the disorder in the movie. Was it realistic or not? . Did the person receive therapy? What kind? What was your opinion of the therapist? Was it the right treatment. Was the treatment effective? Did the treatment fit a perspective we studied (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, behavioral, psychoanalytic? Please describe -4 points
7.If you were a person who was first introduced to the psychological disorder presented in the movie what would be your impression? Was the person suffering from the disorder presented in an sympathetic manner? Was the therapist presented as one who is helpful and professional? Was it a positive or negative portrayal of mental illness?. Did it perpetuate the stigma associated with mental illness? Please describe.-5 points

Please be tense consistant And answer all questions. Dont use words that are to high in professionalism more normal words.

Please include an outline if its free....

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Title: schizophrenia

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Essay Instructions: This is Psychology class paper. I need to write down 4 pages evaluation paper of the movie "Beautiful Mind (2001)". Director is Ron Howard, and cast is Russell Crowe as John Nash. Based on Psychologial background, I need to evaluate the movie. In the movie, main charactor,John Nash, had a schizophrenia.
DO NOT write summery of the movie and definition of schizophrenia. Only thing I need to write down is evaluation of the movie with schizophrenia issue. And also, please write evaluation paper based on the movie, not John Nash's real life. For example, John Nash was a homosexual in his real life. However, he is not in the movie. So, please write evaluation paper based on the movie. And also, Do NOT compare between John Nash's real life and movie. One more thing is that DO NOT put any citation from book. Professor doesn't want to see any citation. The paper has to be written by only my words.
In summery, please write down evaluation paper of the movie "Beautiful Mind" with schizophrenia issue.

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