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Title: the beatles

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Essay Instructions: This paper is a CAUSE-and-EFFECT paper about the Beatles and how they have influenced the way we make, compose, play and record music and how they are unique in terms of what they have accomplished. In other words, the cause is : the Beatles and the effect is how they redefined the way records were made, wrote their own songs which was not the case prior to them since it wasn't unusual for rock bands to rely on professional song writers for their material and also they were the first group to use the recording studio as a writing tool...I will be faxing materials which will be used in this paper since i have to keep copies of the sources.
Questions such as: what effects will be analyzed in the paper ? what causes led to this effect ? what is the primary or main cause of the paper ? have to be easily identified . Also signed words such as : As a result,
consequently, leads to, therefore have to be included since it's going to be a cause-and-effect writing. Degrees of certainty words such as: certainly, necessarily, probably,
may, undoubtedly may also be included.
The conclusion should : strees the important of the thesis statement, give the paper a sense of completeness and leave a final impression on the reader. Also avoid as much as possible the use of sophisticated words is very important.
I would also like to have an outline submitted along with the paper and finally and most importantly: it's extremely important that i have this paper on time. Make sure you guys review it to make sure everything is according to what i specified.

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Title: The Beatles

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Essay Instructions: For Phillip Norman in "Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation", the Beatles were revolutionaries(in a number of ways)for a generation of youth. However, at times he suggests that they typified, sometimes stereotypically, this generation. Examine this seemingly contradictory dilemma by concentrating on three separate themes or sub-topics [exs:musical originality, use of instuments, recording techniques, marketing and publicity, fashion and style, youth culture, etc.]. You must use Philip norman's book "Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation" to answer the question.

Please provide a thesis statement in your introduction.

Parenthetical citations are fine. Citation form: (Norman, 00-00)

I must have this by no later than 10am central time. I am in Texas. If earlier than that is possible then that would be much better. Thanks

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Title: The Beatles

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Essay Instructions: How did the Beatles change our world in the 20 th century.
What are some of the things they did. History on each one as well.

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Title: Beatles music

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Essay Instructions:
Discuss and compare the Beatles' pre-Sgt. Pepper music with their later material. Be specific.

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