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Essay Instructions: From the text: A history of Russia sixth edition written by Nicholas V.Riasanovsky
assignment: Why did the Stalinist period leave such a lasting impression on Russia and the Russian people?There are so many varied interpretations of Stalin that he is a very difficult person to come to historical conclusions about him and his actions. Did he really subvert the principles of the October Revolution or did he just bring Marxist principles to Russia in a way that Lenin had failed to bring about? Which of Stalin's "accomplishments" do you find most memorable? If you had to explain this period in Russian history and its monumental cost in human life how would you go about doing so? If you were a Russian how could you live with the historical truth of the Stalinist era and what they represent?

Identification: Choose any five of the following and in a comprehensive paragraph or two, explain who, what, when, where, and WHY the following are of historical importance.
(1)The Great Purges (2) the collectivization of agriculture (3) the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (4) the Battle of Stalingrad (5) The Yalta Conference (6) The Warsaw Pact (7) Yuri Gargarin (8) the Cuban Missile Crisis (9) The Brezhnev Doctrine (10) The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (11)Mikhail Ghorbachev (12) Boris Yeltsin.

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Essay Instructions: What are the issues for each of the below:From book the enduring vision valume II since 1865

Great Plains Indian culture ? The Treaty of Ft. Laramie ? The Ghost Dance ? Boom-bust cycles ? Late 19th century manufacturing output ? Innovative advertising techniques in the late 19th century ? Vertical integration ? Andrew Carnegie and the steel industry ? John Rockefeller ? Sherman Anti-Trust Act ? Jane Addams ? Jim Crow laws ? Muckraking journalism ? Frederick Taylor ? Thorstein Veblen ? Charles and Mary Beard ? William James ? Herbert Croly ? The Roosevelt Corollary ? The Great White Fleet ? The gentleman?s agreement ? The Open Door Notes ? German unrestricted submarine warfare ? The Zimmerman telegram ? African American soldiers in WWI ? The Creel Committee on Pubic Information ? Randolph Bourne ? Jeannette Rankin ? Eugene V. Debs ? Schenck v United States ? The great internal migration of African Americans during WWI ? WWI and American women ? The Treaty of Versailles ? Henry Ford and industrial production ? Unionization in the 1920s ? Welfare capitalism ? Agriculture in the 1920s ? The Scopes Trial ? The Teapot Dome scandal ? American nativism in the 1920s ? Alice Paul and the National Woman?s Party ? The Washington Naval Conference ? Mass culture in the 1020s ? The Jazz Age flapper ? Jazz ? The Harlem Renaissance ? The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s ? Marcus Garvey and the UNIA ? Aimee Semple McPherson ? Sacco-Vanzetti case ? 1928 presidential election ? Prohibition ? 1935 Social Security Act ? The Dust Bowl ? Huey Long ? The Bonus March of 1932 ? Roosevelt and the 1932 presidential campaign ? Eleanor Roosevelt and First Lady ? Roosevelt and the banking crisis ? The Civilian Conservation Corps ? The Agricultural Adjustment Act ? The National Industrial Recovery Act ? The Federal Securities Act ? The National Labor Relations Act ? The National Resources Planning Board ? The presidential election of 1936 ? The Farm Security Administration ? The Hatch Act ? Molly Dewson ? Labor in California?s agricultural sector ? Franklin Roosevelt and ?court-packing? ? The Fair Labor Standard Act ? The Grapes of Wrath ? Benny Goodman ? Rate of unemployment in 1938 ? The Committee for Industrial Organization ? The Scottsboro Boys ? Ernest Hemingway?s For Whom the Bell Tolls ? Japanese invasion of Manchuria ? The US response to persecution of Jews by the Nazi government ? The Lend-Lease Act ? The America First Committee ? The Manhattan Project ? American women and WWII ? A. Philip Randolph ? Japanese internment ? The Yalta Conference ? Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? US as the ?arsenal of democracy? ? Soviet casualties during WWII ? The double-V campaign ? Pearl Harbor attack ? Battle of Midway ? Battle of Stalingrad ? The War Production Board ? The Holocaust

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