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Instructions for Battered Woman College Essay Examples

Title: Learned Helplessness Domestic Violence

Total Pages: 1 Words: 337 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I would like you to explain in your own words how the term ?learned helplessness? explains the battered woman with regards to (domestic violence)

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Title: contemporary U.S. Feminist Activism

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2813 References: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Course Sociology 155B Perspectives on Women.

Term Paper Prompt: Contemporary U.S.Feminist Activism Study.
Required us to select a Feminist Organization.

I select the Group;(EqualityNow) Feminist-Organization,website address.
( I include a Term Paper Topics outline below too)

Term paper Focus: Analyize the Feminist organization to course Materials,lectures.Professor requires a strong introduction,thesis,conclusion,well organized.etc.

Bibliography & References;In The American Sociological association format;

Course Materials; Book Readings.
1.Hercus,Cheryl.2005.Stepping Out of Line: Becoming and Being Feminist.New York:Routledge.

2.Taylor,Verta.1996.Rock-a-by-baby:Feminism,Self-Help,and Postpartum Depression.NY:Routledge.

Film;A Litany for Survival,The life and work of Audre Lorde.

Film;My Feminism, A film by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert

Film;Live Nude Girls UNITE!
A documentary about strippers unionizing

3.Term Paper Sources:
Seven Citations or more, Total!!! Footnote-Sources.

Three (Scholarly Journal Articles or Book chapters),Research.
Three Readings form (coursework-Syllabus),
One Media source; Internet or New media/popular media.

SYLLABUS;(in-calls coursework)Journal articles/book chapters

1."Challenging Power:Toxic waste protest and the politicization of white,working class women" By Celene Krauss in Community Activem and Feminist Politices, Edeted By Nancy Naples.

2."producing the battered woman: Shelter Politics and the Power of the Feminist Voice" By Karen Kendrick in Community Activism and Feminist politics,edited Nancy Naples.

3."Latina Immiggrant women and Paid Domestic work:Upgrading the Occupation" By Pierette Hondagneu-Sotelo in Community Activism and Feminist politics, Nancy Naples.

4.Siobham. "Black Feminism in Everyday life." In Colonize This!Younge women of color on today's feminism, Edited by Daisy Hernandez

5.Ferree, Myra Marx and Beth Hess.2000. "Ideas,Ideals,and Ideology."pg 24-51 inControversy and Coalition:The New Feminist Movement Acress Four Decaseds of Change.

Term Paper Questions to consider,(Professor,Suggestions)
1.what are your organizations Goals,how will they be achieved?
2.To what is your organization responding,what strategies and grievances compare to what we learn the course?
3.who is included,who do they coalition?
4.Do they public call themselves feminist,why?What are their Success?What Difficulties are facing them?
5.Do they Fit in with Second or third wave model of feminism?Are identity politics part of your organisation? if so how? Is it positive or detrimental? Do they organize across race,class,gender,sexuality?

I wrote up the (TERM PAPER OUTLINE): Equality Now, The Feminist Organization Select for my Soc 155B Term Paper...

Equality Now feminist Essay Topics:
Feminism Activism,
Equality Now role in the 3rd wave movement, social justice & feminism
Political and social gender discrimination,
Reproductive Rights,
Sexual Enslavement & tourism,
Domestic violence,
Men’s role in Feminism

Equality Now feminist organization essay groups:

A. Feminism Activism
1. Equality Now role in the 3rd wave social justice & feminism movements
A. Highly political international network of different feminist groups
B. Many different levels
- Operate the women’s action network (WAN) which reports on
women’s issues and oppression in over 160 countries.

B. Political and social structural discrimination

1. Domestic violence
A. 51 year old woman is stabbed 19 times by former boyfriend.
B. U.S. and Mexican authorities have failed to fully investigate and to protect
- An alarming number of female victims are being abducted from a Mexican border town; their bodies are turning up on both sides of the border.

2. Reproductive Rights
A. Equal access to medical care in low-income and ethnic communities.
- Sexual education workshops
- Contraception
- Morning-after pill

3. Gender discrimination
A. Pressuring government to reform oppressive laws against women
- The law project workshops raising awareness, legal action, and mobilization.

C. Abortion

A. Rapists are continuing to walk free, due to weak public policy and legal discrimination against women.
2. Sexual enslavement
A. Women are abducted globally and sold into sexual slavery here in the US, and globally
B. Neglectful government policy allows this practice to continue by not enforcing the law, or granting political asylum to these victimized women.

3. Sex tourism in the united states
A. Women and young girls are traded like commodities in an industry that thrives on profits and pain.
B. U.S. military role in the growth of the commercial sex industry

D. Mens role in feminism
1. Highlight mens actions in feminism today
A. Articles of men/fathers taking a stand as protectors against cultural forms of female oppression
- Young man went under cover and pose as a sex tourist patron to expose a New York City-based sexual tourist operation.

I do hope I have include enough details information for your use in this paper outlined above. Please Do email me with any further questions, Or if you require anything else.
Thanks You
All the Best James

Also if you do not have access to any of the article listed above I can scan the documents and send via emails. Also I can send you some course work essay I've already written regarding the text readings for class if needed?

There are faxes for this order.

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