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Essay Instructions: All the information is on the attached files. The paper will be a Comparison/Contrast Paper. In it you will compare and contrast a single theme as it is treated in two different stories which I've picked out: "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner and "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates. Needs to have cause-effect thesis idea. For the paper, I need two fictional elements which are characters and conflict. I have written a thesis and an outline for the paper. Two secondary sources are needed, one for each story you will write on. Needs to have proper parenthetical documentation in paper. Must be six paragraphs: Intro, four body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. The secondary sources MUST come from journals! You do not google them up. MOST OF YOUR PAPER (2/3 OR 3/4) SHOULD BE YOUR OWN THINKING. You use your secondary sources to
1. Gain new insight concerning the story
2. Reinforce your own ideas
3. Disagree with

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Title: Barn Burning

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Essay Instructions: If you need the story, I can fax or email.
Please content the source only from the story.
Essay Prompt

• Paragraph Arrangement
Begin the introduction with the title of the story, the author (Use only last name), the characters, the setting. Then briefly explain the conflict.
In the second paragraph develop the conflict. Show how the protagonist feels about his father. What does his father do that causes this conflict?
In the ensuing paragraphs describe each character and the role he/she plays in the story. How does it appear that the others feel about the antagonist’s behavior?
How does the author – in his description of the antagonist – draw a symbol? What symbol is he drawing? Explain
Please use quote to support your idea
In conclusion, explain the outcome and the protagonist’s feelings about it.

• Please address the following
1. Who is the protagonist in “Barn Burning?” Who is the antagonist?
2. What is the conflict?
3. What does the protagonist want?
4. What images are evident in the antagonist?
5. What stands in the way of the protagonist achieving his goal?
6. Where is the climax of the story?
7. How does the protagonist handle his problem?
8. How is the problem resolved?
9. From whose point of view is the story related?

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Essay Instructions: need an APA Formatted annotated bibliography of author William Faulkner's short story the "Barn Burning"
need to ref at least three articles, all should pertain to selected short story, especially as it relates to its historical and cultural context.

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Title: Barn Burning

Total Pages: 3 Words: 965 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: on "barn Burning" by William Faulkner, you can choose one of these topics:

1) discuss the relationship between Sarty and his father and use one lens (feminist lens, psychoanalytic lens, or marxist lens)


2)discuss the gender roles in the story using a feminist lens


3) choose a more creative approach, imagine the story from Sarty's point of view after the death of his father-at least 10-20 years later.

please quote and cite from the barn burning, please find two additional literary criticism from a outside source and quote and cite, please find one piece that is a historical document (ex. sharecroppers, woman after the civil war, south after the civil war, education after the civil war, class structure after the civil war) and weave into the essay and cite.

thank you

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