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Title: nickel and dimed

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Essay Instructions: Barbara Ehrenreich is an american born white woman. How might her situation have been different if she was an immigrant? a woman of color? Thinking about this, which do you think the most important factor in life chances between race or class? Refer to your textbook as well as nickel and dimed

nickel and dimed by barbara ehrenreich
Sociology: The Core (7th Edition),by Hughes, Michael and Carolyn J. Kroehler

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Title: reaction paper

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Essay Instructions: its all about the barbara Ehrenreich " nickel and dimed" book. I need my own reactions and also based on the inner city and its issues.

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Title: Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel and Dimed

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Essay Instructions: Directions: (USE THE BOOK NICKEL AND DIMED BY BARBARA EHRENRECIH FOR THIS ESSAY)Compose a careful and informed five page essay that responds to the statement below. You should make sure the essay is well thought out and clearly conveys your knowlegde of sociological theory. when you apply a specific idea in your essay, be sure to identify and describe the idea fully. when you refer to specific incidents in NICKEL AND DIMED BY BARBARA EHRENREICH, be sure to mention page number and context.

It seems clear that a complete sociological theory (if such a thing is possible )must consider both society and the individual or-- put more formally-- structure and agency.

Barbara Ehrenreich's NICKEL AND DIMED is a book that describes some aspects of the lives of working class women who work for low wages in the UNITED STATES.
Using classical sociological theories and ideas (durkheim, marx, weber, gilman, dubois) and more comtemporary ideas and theories ( feminist theory, interpretive sociology, Foucault, postmodernism and radical modernism) uncover the ways in which EHRENREICH'S book shows us how the structure of society informs the nature of the individual.

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Title: The book Global Women by Barbara Ehrenreich

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Essay Instructions: The book report is on "Global Women: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy" by Barbara Ehrenreich. The first part of the paper is the Summary: Describe the issue/problem/question the author is writing about and the position the author takes. Describe the methods she uses to collect information, the main points of the book and the arguments she uses to support her claims. (Identifies the main issue/problem and summarizes it concisely, includes identification of subsidiary problems and highlights the relationship between the major problem and subsidiary issues) Second part of paper is Identification of conclusions, implications, and consequences: What are the consequences of the issue presented by the author? Consider the consequences for women (and men) globally, not just residents of the U.S. Use your sociological imagination to think about who is affected by this issue, why, and how? What are the subsidiary effects? Who(m) is responsible for perpetuating this issue and why? Who is responsible for solving this issue and why? Can the issue be resolved? How? (Recognizes and states the implications globally, i.e., for nations, cultures, and individuals residing in various nations. Considers structural implications as both the root and possible solutions to the problem) Part Three is Response and Evaluation: Present your evaluation of the book, i.e, Did you enjoy the content of the book? Why/Why not? What did you learn? Identify and question the validity of the authors arguments, i.e., How do you feel about the authors presentation of the material? Was the writer convincing? Why/Why not? Do you have experiences with this issue? Do they match the points made by the author? Have you read or been made aware of other knowledge that coincide with or contradict the authors claims? If so, describe. (Clearly identifies you own position on the issue and draws support from experience and outside information---Outside information will be e-mailed to *** The paper should be clear, well-organized, free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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