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Title: Footwear International

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:
1. Summarize the case and articulate the issue(s) faced with Footwear International.
2. Compare the political climate of Footwear?s business environment in Bangladesh before and after the incident based on details provided in the case study.
3. Identify the opportunities and threats for the firm?s operations as a result of the incident.
4. Analyze the root cause(s) of Footwear International?s threats and then, formulate strategies that could mitigate the current and future issues for Footwear.
5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment.

I will emailemail the case file shortly.

I would prefer that it be written by: infoceo
Excerpt From Essay:

Bangladesh. (2011). CIA World Fact Book. Retrieved / publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bg.html

People's Republic of Bangladesh. (2010). Department of State. Retrieved

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Title: Opening an Opportunity Bank

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  • Words: 779
  • References:10
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: I would like to open an Opportunity Bank which works on micro-financing. It has similarity with Grameen Bank established by Muhammad Yunus( who got Nobel prize in 2006 for peace) which is in Bangladesh. I believe Opportunity Bank can work well in NYC because the world passing financial crisis time; a lot of people get unemployed ; a certain amount of people deserve to get self employed by doing small or mid-size business . In that point, My project, love to start Opportunity Bank in USUS; where Conventional banking is based on collateral, Opportunity Bank system will be collateral- free.

Formal Written Assignment 1: Competitive Analysis
Write a 600-900 word competitive analysis or model analysis that:
a) briefly introduces your project (150-200 words),
b) introduces the competition or model, and
c) describes the strengths and weaknesses of the competition or model.

You can check the web site to get some idea:

If you have any question , let me know.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bloomberg. (2013). Consumer interest rates. Bloomberg. Retrieved October 11, 2013 from

Chen, G., Rasmussen, S. & Reille, X. (2010). Growth and vulnerabilities in microfinance.

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Title: Combatant Commander's Mission Statement

  • Total Pages: 9
  • Words: 2378
  • Bibliography:5
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Description 1. Not to exceed five (5) page essay (single-space, single-sided, 1" margins, Times New Roman 12 point font) completely answering the question. You have to turn in your answer no later than four (4) days (96 hrs) from the time you receive the test. Put your name and the page number in the footer. Do not use a cover sheet.
2. The critical part of this project is your analysis. While that analysis needs to be supported by course material, simply listing course material without adding your analysis will not be adequate.
3. This project is an open-book, open-notes effort. The purpose is to evaluate your understanding of course material and your ability to analyze course material. Therefore, you are encouraged to primarily rely on course material sources, but you certainly are allowed to incorporate relevant outside sources. However, all references must be adequately cited.
a. For course material references, include the author's name and page number (or location number) in brackets at the end of the statement [Gray, pg 17].
b. For other references, cite the articles at the end of the statement being referenced, for example: [Armstrong, pg. 32]. A full citation will be required in the reference section at the end of the essay. Use the Air University Style and Author Guide (Bibliography) to provide this full citation. The style guide is located on the Blackboard website
c. Include a reference section at the end of the essay (not to be counted as part of your essay for page count/length) which includes all the sources you used.
d. References (example):
o Gray, C. Lesson 1, Reading 2.
o Armstrong, D. M., "Effective Techniques in Completing Air War College Through Distance Learning," American Education Research Journal, February 2011, 48, pps. 4-38.
e. The use of direct quotations limits the amount of unique contribution from you (the objective of this exercise) and is discouraged. Be sure to correctly use quotation marks when including exact wording from the source.
f. Failure to properly quote and/or cite a reference will be considered plagiarism.
4. You are responsible for keeping the test and test question secured and you are not permitted to discuss the test with anyone. You may not allow anyone else to see the question or your answer (this includes spouse/family, co-workers, etc). Your answer must be your own work as this exam is an individual effort.
5. You will be allowed to keep the test question and your answer until six (6) days after receiving your grade. Six (6) days after receiving your grade, you are required to destroy all written material associated with the test. You will also be required to delete any electronic versions of the test and your answer, including deleting the files in your "Recycle Bin" on your hard drive or any other storage media, as well as the "Inbox," "Deleted Items," and "Sent Items" folders on your emailemail program.
6. Use of previous tests or test material will be considered misrepresentation and pursued as a violation of academic integrity.
Instructions During your Joint Military Operations studies, you explored various capabilities and the joint application of military power. You will now apply these concepts to the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP), essentially developing options for the solution of a complex national security-related issue by answering the following questions. Your answers should be written from the combatant commander’s perspective and incorporate analysis and synthesis of the situation and course concepts.
All answers must be based upon the included INTSUM, OPREP-3 and Warning Order. Each question will only address a portion of the JOPP process. Answer each question in full. Also, do not put your answer in all capital letters or "cut and paste" from the Scenario and/or Warning Order. Do not provide or define the JOPP process in your answers, it is assumed you know this information and the answers you will provide are derived from that understanding. Points will be subtracted for answers longer than five (5) pages.

Use the linked Bangladesh scenario's INTSUM, OPREP-3, and Warning Order to answer the 6 test questions. Copy the 6 questions to a Word Document and type your answer below each question.
When you are finished, save the Word document and follow the directions for submitting the test in the Test menu item. Submitted tests must be in Word or text-based PDF format.
Question 1: Based upon the accompanying INTSUM, OPREP-3, and Warning Order for the Bangladesh scenario provide a Combatant Commander's revised mission statement. Ensure that this statement includes the elements of "who, what, when, where, and why".
Question 2: The commander's intent identifies the purpose of the campaign and the endstate. Based upon the INTSUM, OPREP-3 and Warning Order provide the Combatant Commander's intent.
Question 3: Based upon readings and lectures in this course (especially the Campaign Planning Primer: AY07 by The USUS Army War College and Center of Gravity, What Clausewitz Really Meant by Joseph L. Strange and Richard Iron), identify the strategic and operational centers of gravity for both the opposition and the friendly coalition. Explain your choices.
Question 4: Describe how you would employ and integrate the capabilities of landpower, seapower, airpower, spacepower, cyberpower, and/or special operations in the development of one friendly course of action (COA). Ensure that your COA summary is adequate, feasible, acceptable and complete.
Question 5: Describe the organizational command structure that you will use for this operation, including any coalition forces utilized. In your answer, also provide your recommendation for which service component should be the joint force commander. Fully explain the rationale behind each of your choices.
Question 6: This course began with a discussion of the challenges involved in planning for the full range of military operations. In recent years there has been significant discussion on how to balance the need to "win" the current war(s) with the need to be prepared for the next war. Using the concepts presented throughout this course, describe the key air, space and cyber capabilities required to support/execute the full range of military operations now and in the future. Explain in which capability area(s) the Air Force can best accept risk.

Excerpt From Essay:

Air War College Distant Learning. War Fighting, 2011.

"China Perusing Steadily Military Buildup." Cyberwarzone, 2011. Web. 13 Aug. 2012

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