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Title: ballet history

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4061 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: i had no specific thesis or topic about ballet history assigned to me, so as long as it has a strong thesis and is about ballet history then it will be perfect.

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Title: Dance

Total Pages: 2 Words: 652 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like to request writer: Writergrrl101

Using the textbook: Jonas, Gerald. Dancing: The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement. New York: Harry
N. Abrams, Inc, 1992.

Using chapters 4-7:

CITE THE SOURCES of your information in a list of references cited at the end; you MUST cite the page numbers of all quotes. No outside sources.

Choose one of the following topics:

1. How did the Ballet Russe and Nijinsky influence the gendering of ballet? Consider both
repertories and choreography.

2. Compare and contrast the couple dances we have studied this semester.

3. Explain the similarities and differences among the theatrical dances we have studied this

4. Discuss the controversies that have arisen around social dances over the centuries and across

5. How do modern American dances (swing and avant-garde) reflect the values and traditions of
American society? Explore this question by comparing modern American dance with one other
dance we've studied this semester.

6. Discuss the internationalization of ballet in comparison to the history of at least one other
dance tradition we have studied.

7. Discuss in detail the gendering of social dance in two dance cultures we've studied this

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Title: dance gender and sexuality

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1453 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: this is my midterm exam take home paper, so if you do it carefully I will be glad.

the instructions;

Choose one of the questions below and answer.
1) Duet structure is central both to ballet and contact improvisation. Still, each dance style shapes the duet in radically different ways and has fundamentally incompatible “choreographies of gender”. Discuss.

2) Considering the “trouble” with the male dancer and the emergence of the travesty dancer in nineteenth-century romantic ballet as a background, how would you evaluate Vaslav Nijinsky’s significance vis-á-vis gender ideology in ballet?

Note 1: It's important that you insistently question what kinds of gendered identities are embodied/articulated through movement as well as to what extent they challenge or conform to the dominant conceptions of male / female, masculine / feminine, heterosexual / non-heterosexual.

Note 2: You are strongly recommended to make reference to the (excerpts of) pieces screened and articles assigned. When referencing any written material be sure to use proper citation.

Paper format: 4-6 pages, Times New Roman, 1,5 spaced, 12 font-size.

I am also sending the readings, articles that you should take benefit from while writing.
first you should select one question, than read the articles that I sent, and than you should write an essay.
Again this is my midterm exam.

Thank you very much
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Title: Company history 2pages and dance history and cultural significance 3 pages of The National Ballet of China in Raise the Red Lantern

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1463 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Students are required to go to see a professional dance concert. So, I picked up "Raise the Red Lantern" by The National Chinese Ballet of China. The paper is then divided into two sections: company history(2 pages) and dance history and cultural significance(3 pages).

Writing requirements for the paper:

General requirement: Papers must by typed doubled spaced on 8 and half by 11 standard paper. All quoted reserch information must be documented in APA or MLA format in the paper and in the bibliography.

Company History requirements:(2 pages)

A two page description of the dance company's history, dancers amd philosophy is required. A minimum of two sources are required. You may use the company website, program or review artcles of the performance as a source.

Dance History and Cultural Significance requirements:(3 pages)

Using your reserch provide a brief history of the dance form seen in the dance concert. Discuss the cultural significance of the dance form. How the dance form has influenced the development of dance at a social and or cultural level must be addressed and supported in your reserch findings. Remember reserch must be utilized in the body and bibliography of your paper. A minimum of 4 sorces are required for this section of the paper.

Research requirement for all papers:

Web sites are not valid sources.
At least one reference needs to be cited from a book.
You may use periodical resources.
Library has many online serch engines to find scholarly journals on your dance topic.
You must cite your sources in your paper and have a completed bibliography.
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