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Essay Instructions: XX century had witness the wide use of Irony and humor in French literature. With the help of Delphine. Perret article analyse and argue how Irony and humor had been used in french literature from the two french work of literature by Eugene Ionesco ( The Bald Soprano ) and Jarry Alfred ( King Ubu )
Remember at the very beginning of your essay to state the thesis or argument that you gonna defend throughout the essay.
Remember to analyse the key points made by Perret and look how they play out in Ionesco and Jarry works.
Remember this is a graduate essay, Your work should be analytical and argumentative with the use of clear example from the two works of literature by Jarry and Ionesco..

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Title: assessment of a critical article on epic theatre or theatre of the absurd

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1712 Works Cited: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Research format: Times New Roman 12 point regular font; 1.25" left margin, 1.0 top, bottom and right margins. Number pages and double-spaced. Support thesis with paraphrase and direct quotations from articles and plays. Quotations are not part of essay length. Essay must include substantive quotation and paraphrase from database article on the movement ( ex. epic theatre, theatre of the absurd) and chosen play.

Select a substantial scene or episode * from one of the following plays: epic theater related- Life of Galileo by Brecht, or The Glass Menagerie by Williams, or theatre of the absurd related- The Bald Soprano by Ionesco, or Waiting for Godot by Beckett.
Use Netlink ID and PW to access the protected area of library articles databases**, locate one substantial article (10 pages or longer) on some aspect of epic theater or theatre of the absurd that can be made applicable to analysis of the selected scene or episode.

Essay structure:
(~1-2 pages) in your own words, briefly summarize the main points of the portions of the article that are applicable to the chosen scene or episode, and explain your rationale

(~2-3) Analyse the scene or episode with reference to the pertinent points of the article as well as close reading of the scene or episode, provide quotations from the article as well as the play to support analysis.

(~1-2 pages) explain how the analysis helps shed light on a reading of the play as a whole in the context of epic theatre or theatre of the absurd

*an episode may be set apart by character entrances and exits
**Standard databases used in literary studies include Academic Search Premier-EBSCO Host, Book Review Digest Plus (Wilson); Humanities Index, JSTOR, and Project Muse.

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