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Title: Australian Criminal Justice System When current Australian criminal justice system fair effective expect Comment reference strengths weaknesses system

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Essay Instructions: Australian Criminal Justice System

?When all is said and done, the current Australian criminal justice system is about as fair and effective as we can reasonably expect?. Comment on this with reference to strengths and/or weaknesses of the system.
Excerpt From Essay:

Black's law dictionary. (1991). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

Eades, D. (1999). Language in court: The acceptance of linguistic evidence about Indigenous

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Title: Australian Sport Industry Typology Sport 1 What sport Review relevant definitions sport build a definition justify apply evolution sporting industry evolution management 2 Is sport industry Based review definitions sport sports belong industry Build a typology sport industry define sport industry classifying segmenting components sport industry

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Essay Instructions: Australian Sport Industry ? Typology of Sport

1. What is sport? Review relevant definitions of sport and build a definition that you can justify and apply to the evolution of the sporting industry and the evolution of the management of it.
2. Is sport an industry? Based on the review of the definitions of sport, which sports belong to the industry and which do not? Build a typology of the sport industry and define the sport industry, classifying and segmenting the various components of the sport industry.
3. Consider the characteristics of the various agencies and organizations within the sport industry and briefly explain the evolution of sport management and how it integrates with you typology.
Readings attached.
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Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2001). Volunteer Work, Australia. Retrieved From

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Title: Australian Securities and Investment Commissions ASIC Regulation on Product Disclosure Statements

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Essay Instructions: Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) has issue a number of regulatory guides applying to the content of Product Disclosure Statements (PDS). Your assignment is to consider Regulatory Guide 97 and complete the following tasks:

?1. Identify the KEY PRINCIPLES OF DISCLOSURE provided in each Regulatory Guide (RG) and the basis for ASIC's position in relation to each. b) Do you think these are consistent with ASIC's own Good Disclosure Principles ( you need to list these) and your reasons ? DO NOT CUT AND PASTE SLABS FROM THE RG. You will be marked according to how well you identify the principles and how you interpret these in your own language. Mark Allocation a) 15% b) 15 % for a total 30%

?2. Using the Regulatory Guide (RG) above identify the relevant parts of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which comply with each of the identified key principles in Question 1. Mark Allocation 30%

?3. You must make reference to the actual PDS content in your replies and explain why these references relate to the key principles. Mark Allocation 40%

?Your assignment should be 3 pages, case study/ report format, you must put all references in
check spelling and grammar
?Marking out of 100
The Regulatory Guide 97, ASIC's good disclosure principles and the PDS will be sent to you

Excerpt From Essay:

ASIC, 2011a, Regulatory Guide 168, Disclosure: Product Disclosure Statements (and other disclosure obligations. October 2011.pp 1-46. Pdf

ASIC, 2011b, Regulatory Guide 97, Disclosing fees and costs in PDSs and periodic statements, November 2011.pp1-23. Pdf

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Title: Australian Law on Wills and Estate

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Part A: (65% of word count)
You are the solicitor for the Goldstone City Council (a fictional local authority in Queensland, Australia). You head the property law division of Council, under the direction of the Head Legal Counsel. Your Head Legal Counsel has asked you to provide a written response to her in respect of the following matter:
In 2014, a wealthy local citizen, Mr. Robert Kennedy, died. Clause 5 of his Will provides:-
?I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($500,000.00) to my trustee, the said James Stewart, to establish a fund for the intercultural education of my grandchildren within the Asia-Pacific region AND I DECLARE that the fund so created shall be utilised towards the costs of travel and accommodation within that region and the costs of the educational process, which process shall include the learning of languages of the said region AND I FURTHER DECLARE that the suitability of such expenditure shall be determined by my said Trustee.?
Clause 6 of the Will is a residuary clause that provides that if the bequest in Clause 5 should fail, then it shall be paid to the Goldstone City Council. Robert had one son, Dean who was 60 years old when Robert died and still survives. Dean has no children. You have been asked to advise your Head Legal Counsel how the Council might obtain the funds in clause 5 of the Will, now or in the future. In responding, you must clearly refer to, and apply, Australian statutory provisions supporting your opinion.

Part B: (35% of word count)

You are a solicitor in legal practise in Queensland, Australia. Mary has come to see your supervising partner, rather distraught, seeking advice. Her son, Alex is in year 10. He recently found a usb stick at his school, Goldstone State High School. It was a school issued usb stick to students once they start year 11. The usb stick does not have any external marks distinguishing it from another usb stick. Alex accessed the data on the usb stick and it contained a file that, when opened, allowed Alex to essentially ?hack? the online computer game, Skyrim, which he did at school. The firm?s legal file notes that Alex has apparently been very naughty and used the hack to create online quest items. He has then sold those quest items to his friends and third parties. He has used the money to buy himself new clothes and a new bike, the remaining money is held is his personal bank account. These purchases alerted his mother to his activities. The following parties have now come forward claiming all of the money that Alex obtained from using the hack:
? the Skyrim game developers;
? the Principal (on behalf of Goldstone State High School) because the activities occurred using a school computer, on school time and using a school usb; and
? Katie, a student who says she owns the usb stick.

To make matters worse, all the people that Alex sold quest items to now have also sought their money back, as they believe their items are tainted and may be removed by the game developers.

Advise Mary. Refer to any Australian or English cases, legislation or journal articles which are relevant to your answer. Please note that your supervising partner will deal with any issue NOT related to property law
Excerpt From Essay:

Preece, AA (2000) The Impact of the Law of Inheritance on the Family. Paper delivered at the 7th Australian Institute of Family Studies. Conference Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbor Sydney, 24-26 July 2000. Retrieved from:

Types of Testamentary Trusts (nd) Moores. Retrieved from:

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